The first DLC, a part of the The City that Never Sleeps storyline for Marvel’s Spider-Man, has dropped just a little over a month after the game has released. The Heist, features a story in which Spider-Man needs to help Black Cat get out of a situation with the old school mafia and Hammerhead who have risen up to try and take back the streets of New York City. This scenario gets Spider-Man caught up yet again in a story of emotional issues with his former flame Black Cat, dealing damage to various mafioso goons, and even other side quests along the way. Let’s be honest, everyone wants a to tag along with Black Cat no matter the occasion.

The story of the DLC I don’t want to touch on too much since due to the shorter nature of it, almost all of it is spoiler material. The main content lasted me about two hours total, which is admittedly a little short. But the content provided is great. Black Cat is easily one of the best adapted Spider-Man characters for this game, although I still think it was odd she wasn’t originally in the base game. Nonetheless, her story here is satisfying and true to the character.

Since this is just episode one of The City that Never Sleeps storyline a lot of stuff in this installment is used as setup for the rest of this DLC series, which almost feels like a mini Spider-Man 1.5 game in and of itself. Some things also felt like set up for the inevitable Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which could come in the next few years. But for those also expecting a story that matches what we got in the base game that is clearly present in The Heist.

There are three major side events that were added in this DLC. The first one is a side quest about the original Black Cat and his spree of crimes over 20-30 years ago. You help a police officer track down all of the missing paintings he stole and get some nice backstory and lore to the Black Cat legacy and New York before the Kingpin and Spider-Man were around. The gameplay here is just finding paintings so it’s very similar to finding backpacks in the base game. Screwball, one of the base game’s side villains, returns and has various challenges for Spider-Man to tackle for her web show.

These are similar to the Taskmaster side quest from the base game where he would test Spider-Man’s abilities. Here these mostly consist of simple combat challenges, gadget challenges forcing Spider-Man to use only a few gadgets to combat enemies, and of course time trials. They’re pretty standard and expected side content that’s a fun distraction from the main story.

Then the final side event is just simply tackling random crimes by the various mafia groups throughout the city. These are very simple and just consist of stopping cars in high speed pursuit, stopping drug deals, and stopping robberies – that sort of thing. There is also 3 new suits such as the Spider-Man U.K. suit but these you just get from doing the DLC and are barely worth mentioning as I don’t care for the designs here much and there is no new suit abilities to go with them so no new gameplay possibilities.


Spider-Man’s first DLC is indeed good and set’s a standard for what to expect in the coming additional content being added to the game. They’ve started a whole new chapter in the universe and it’s off to a good start. Black Cat and Spider-Man’s relationship is the highlight of this DLC and I would look to see this expanded in some fashion down the road. The set up for the rest of the DLC’s stories also plays well and Hammerhead is shaping up to become the big bad of this story. Spider-Man’s The Heist gets an 8 out of 10, making it one of RGN’s Silver Games of 2018. I wonder if black cats really do bring bad luck?


RGN Rating: 8 / 10 (Silver)
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Available On: PS4

Played On: PlayStation 4 Pro

Release Date: October 23rd, 2018

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this DLC was purchased by RealGamerNewZ for the purpose of this review.