Battlefield V’s battle royale mode and co-op modes won’t be available at launch

The Blackout mode in Call of Duty has gone up against the odds of the most currently popular game Fortnite and fared quite nicely. Asserting itself somewhere in the top 3 alongside PUBG, Black Ops 4 is surprisingly taking fans by storm. Battlefield V’s battle royale mode has not yet been shown to the public… at all. And those who buy the upcoming EA DICE title when it releases Tuesday, November 20, 2018 will have to wait a significant amount of time to see what it’s like as well.

It has been confirmed this week that Battlefield V will launch as a live service on PS4, Xbox, and PC without its battle royale mode. The new section of the game series has been given a name, Firestorm, but not a full reveal, although there have been secretive tests done without anything leaking at this time. There’s also a co-op mode being tested for an eventual add-on update to the game.

Tides of War is the name of a big update being planned for sometime after March 2019 which will add the battle royale mode to the game. Firestorm can be seen vaguely teased in a recent Battlefield V trailer which lays out the land for how its live service updates will roll out through the year. Combined Arms is the name of the update which will bring out Battlefield V’s co-op mode and that will launch in January 2019.

Even though Firestorm won’t be available at launch players are still being asked to pre-order BFV to receive a bonus called The Firestorm Ranger Set, consisting of a bunch of outfits. One major difference between BFV and BO4 is that BFV still has a single player, story-focused campaign in addition to its multiplayer, co-op, and battle royale modes. Criterion Games will develop the battle royale experience of Battlefield V.

That may or may not make a difference in the long run though, since there has been some fan backlash against a perception that the game is very unrealistic and historically inaccurate. The understanding is that EA DICE encouraged such a fantastical presentation in order to sell wildly bizarre cosmetic skins similar to what we’ve seen in Fortnite. This was most clearly exemplified by one character shown fighting in the World War II theater using a prosthetic arm similar to Captain Hook of the Peter Pan movies.

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