Treyarch reduces the grind for Black Ops 4’s Black Market

The day before last we reported on how Black Ops 4 had instituted a fun but overbearing reward system for gameplay unlocking everything from stickers to put on guns, gun skins, spray paint designs, character costumes and outfits, to even a brand new Blackout character (at tier 199).

We heard your feedback in our comments section as well as social media and while many of you agreed with our assessment that the grind required to unlock these items was just too much. It turns out that Treyarch may have heard your voices as well, and it turns out they’ve found that they agree.

Some estimates claim that the original stats for Black Market unlockables could take up to 400 hours for players to reach tier 200. There will be a cash shop next month and some people already have COD Points which are probably going to enable players to buy in-game content as well.

With a new update to Black Ops 4, the game’s grind for Black Market content is being severely reduced according to Treyarch as well as “Fixes and improvements to Tier progression earn rate across all modes of Multiplayer and Blackout”. Special events taking place like the Halloween Event add even more goods to be unlocked.

Some updates (both free and paid) being planned across the next 12 months will add maps, characters, cosmetics, and limited time game modes to the game. The plan is for Black Ops 4 to get more content added to it than previous titles, spread out more evenly over time.

Black Market’s Operation: First Strike unlockables:

  • 138 Reserves (randomized loot)
  • 15 Outfit Bundles
  • 16 Tags
  • 7 Stickers
  • 12 Calling Cards
  • 6 Gestures
  • 1 Shared War Paint
  • 1 Blackout Character: Hudson
  • 3 Signature Weapons – Blinding Glory (ICR-7), Damascus (GK5), Sandstorm (Titan), includes progression packages such as Reactive Camo and Black Knight Mastercraft

Black Market’s Halloween Event unlockables:

  • Rotten Evil Pumpkin – Sticker
  • Jack of All Treats – Gesture
  • Ghoul – Shared War Paint
  • Call of Night – Gesture
  • Grim – Shared War Paint
  • Bonesy Jones – Gesture
  • Scarecrow – Shared War Paint
  • Homunc-a-Shuffle – Gesture
  • Pumpkin Head – Shared War Paint

Unlockable content in Black Market is divided into Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ultra segments, even though they’re all cosmetics so far and don’t affect gameplay. Some content comes in collectible sets such as Cowboys & Monsters or Graffiti Pack.

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