Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass will become available for Windows PC

In the 2019 Q1 Earnings Conference Call for Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadella announced to investors that Xbox Game Pass will come to the PC. In the past, many publications erroneously reported that the service would be available for Xbox as well as PC when it launched. There were certainly some disappointed that it wasn’t the case. However, now that dream will come true.

The investor started out with Nadella declaring internal record setting revenues for Microsoft thus far in the Fiscal Year 2019 as well as outlining two major pillars for tech companies to grow moving forward. The first was the fast and early adoption of emerging tech capabilities (which we assume refers to xCloud streaming of games, expected to be a big part of the next-gen Xbox), as well as proprietary infrastructure for digital products (for example the way that Microsoft’s games all use high quality dedicated servers made possible by Microsoft’s Azure enterprise technology). There are a number of other interesting revelations in the call, so if you’re curious check it out. We’ve included a link at the bottom of this post.

As far as the one tidbit that gamers will probably care the most about, it was revealed during this investor conference call that the wildly popular Xbox Game Pass service will make its way to PC. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based product in which players pay a small monthly fee in order to have access to all first party games the day of release as well as a number of other third party titles on Xbox.

This move lines up with Microsoft’s vision of expanding their gaming profile beyond simply Xbox and some PC games. It is expected that the xCloud service they’re currently working on (which may use a different final name at launch) could become available for mobile devices, PC, multiple types of Xbox consoles (probably all Xbox One models and next-gen Xbox models), and even competitive hardware (if they’ll allow it, looking at you Nintendo)! The industry giant also seems to be planning a very affordable Xbox next-gen which only does streaming to be released alongside a traditional, powerful dedicated console that can do streaming – but doesn’t have to.


Editor’s Note: This investor call included forward-looking statements based on current expectations. These statements may be subject to risk and uncertainty. In other words, plans can change, but this was Microsoft’s plan at the time of this press publication’s writing.

[Some Info Sourced: Microsoft Investor Relations]

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