Eagle Eyes Astin – Advanced Optic Technology Review

Over the course of gaming sessions lasting 4 – 8 hours or more, it has been discovered that significant eye damage can occur from the Blue Light spectrum of radiation coming from HDTV and 4KTV sets. Years back, I began to review a new category of products that set out to protect gamers from this problem – however, most of them made everything you see tinted by a yellow or orange film. While they performed the job they were meant to do, Eagle Eyes are combining several technologies into one versatile and impressive piece of eye-wear that not only makes gaming more safe, but also driving, while allowing in a new spectrum of light previously unseen by the human eye.

I’ve personally used and tested many products which I typically call “gamer glasses” that are designed to reduce harmful Blue Light emissions from artificial lighting scenarios like gaming in front of a television screen for very long periods, working or shipping within the retail environment, learning in educational facilities, or even just being exposed to directly to the sun. It’s becoming more and more well known that these Blue Light rays are harmful to the human eyes and create damage that cannot be reversed.

However, what I have discovered with Eagle Eyes is something that provides Blue Light protection for gamers while also going well above and beyond simply being another great pair of gamer glasses. These shades use certified space technology in partnership with companies like NASA in order to deliver 99.9% UVA and UVB protection, TriLenium Blue Light Blocking lenses, and allow in a vision-enhancing spectrum of light normally not perceived by the naked eye.

The result of these combined technologies is truly amazing, and must be seen in person to believe. Not only do they increase safety in artificial light settings, they also provide a much safer driving experience and have been endorsed by police officers around the United States. Eagle Eyes remove glare without providing a darker image to the viewer. Whether the sun is in your eyes, dawn, or dusk conditions are present, or even if it’s dark out – you will actually see better with a pair of Eagle Eyes on. Part of what makes this possible is the way that they were invented to let useful light in and keep problem light out.

Inventors often find their inspirations from nature. The origin story of Eagle Eyes Advanced Optic Technology is a fascinating tale that is best summed up as a research experiment in how some birds of prey could endure more powerful solar radiation and sun glare than others. It turns out that not only do their optical organs block out a massive amount of unhealthy rays coming from the sun, but they also allow in some light outside of the usual spectrum which allows for the unseen to become seen. Eagle Eyes is a company that brings this fascinating accomplishment of nature to the realm of technology so that humans may utilize the benefits of this research.

The pair I reviewed this time around are known as the Eagle Eyes Astin model. The Astin have a particular look to them which is of course style preference depending on the user. For me, they felt good looking enough to be proud of while not being too different than the norm. With golden colored outlines around them, the lenses on the Astin are very easy to remove for cleaning or eventual replacement. While some gaming-focused glasses make everything yellow or orange, Eagle Eyes provides a superior visual with enhancements to what is being seen.

They sit curved on the bridge of the nose and have never fallen off of my face. The frame feels comfortable and clean, made of high quality materials, and the kit that comes with the Astin is luxury quality with a protective hard case, soft case, anti-fog lens cleaning solution, microfiber mini-towel, and 1 year warranty all for just $109.95 USD (at the time of this writing). A letter from the President of Eagle Eyes is also included as well as a certificate showing that Eagle Eyes are inductees of the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Hands down, this is the best eye-wear I’ve ever used. I had expected them to be a decent or great pair of gaming glasses to reduce strain and damage to my eyes during long-term gaming sessions. The Eagle Eyes Astin turned out to be that and more, making driving safer, vision clearer in any scenario, and even a great fashion piece. I highly recommend the Eagle Eyes Astin and can find no fault with this product. Eagle Eyes Astin receives a 10 out of 10 making them RGN’s Diamond Product of 2018.

RGN RATING: 10 / 10 (Diamond)

Also Available On: Amazon USA and Amazon Canada

*At time of this writing there’s a 25% discount on EagleEyes.com when using code VETDAY in memorial of American veterans.


Review Copy Info: This product was received by RGN for free from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

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