Dovetail Games Fishing (Hands-On) Preview

Hello all RGN gamers it me again John Clark bringing you another game write up that you all may enjoy if you’re into your carp fishing like I am. The game is called Dovetail Games Fishing. This game hasn’t been out for long and it’s still getting made. The developers behind the game are really good at taking the community’s feedback on board so the fishing simulator we all would like is beginning to emerge. So let’s get on with the details of Dovetail Games Fishing as it currently stands today, shall we? Here we go.

So first off let’s talk about the game’s modes. There are currently 4 game modes:

1. Academy
2. Casting Challenge
3. Hunting Challenge
4. Free Roam

1. Academy: Let’s talk about the academy first. This is a really good help for new players trying to work out the keyboard controls to the game. It will also give a chance to learn the basics of the game.

2. Casting Challenge: This puts players’ casting to the next level. I am still enjoying to return to this one even though my accuracy is really not that good in game as it is in real life. Dovetail Games have managed to come closer to capturing the real life feel of casting than previous titles of the genre, which was one of their biggest goals in development. It’s really fun to do this challenge and I still play this every couple of days to see if my casting is getting better. I have nearly got it ‘to the t’, but not yet and I’m not going to give up so if you like a good challenge, well, this game mode is for you.

3. Hunting Challenge: Players unlock this by completing the Casting Challenge which I have not done to the best of my ability yet so I cannot really give this a proper write-up just yet so read on for my detailed thoughts on the game overall as I’ll return with thoughts on the Hunting Challenge at a later date (be on the lookout).

4. Free Roam: The game mode where you sit back, relax, and just fish! Until you can’t fish no more. 🙂

The graphics on this game are out of this world. You’d think the carp are real like you have got them in real life and the way the fish are animated as well makes it easy for players to tell if it’s a 5 pound fish or a 25 pound wish on the rod. Reeling one in has never felt realer. For example, if not done correctly the line will get too tight and snap, it’s only happened to me a few times on the game and it was with bigger fish but you never know for sure until you master this game. I put it down as ‘the fish that got away’ and kept on fishing.

The game has a lot of little touches that make it great like the way the rain sounds hitting the water, and flying planes passing overhead. When you’re on Free Roam mode and you’re sitting there with 1 rod in that moment it feels blissful and is very similar to the real life feeling of fishing for carp. Soon there will be updates adding to the amount of rods in the game as well as fish types. There are gravel spots where, if you get lucky, you can catch fish all day long. There’s also muddy, salty, and weeded areas under there though so be careful.

Looking in from above of the water, the carp cannot be seen very well yet but the graphics were recently put into the game for this making the water transparent. The splashing gives hint that some are underneath that spot and must be tracked to realize where they are at any given moment. It’s still a very good experience even in Early Access and once updates add in options for baits, more rods, and more areas then things will begin to kick up into high gear.

Of course with any Early Access game there are a few things that could use improving as well and hopefully will be addressed before the final build is issued. What I’d personally like to see when players put down their rods on the alarms the writing saying ‘fish here’ and rest rod need to go as it stays up on the peg and get in the way when you’re looking on to the lake to see where the fish are and can not tell where because of the extra clutter. Another issue is that the water looks like it’s still all of the time. It’d be good to see wind wrinkles in the water and the direction it’s coming from [*Update: This has been added in Phase 4!]. What would also be cool is if on the farm at the side the development team could put some cows and pigs and that in with the sand of them as well. Just some minor additions that I think could make an already realistic game feel even closer to real life.

All in all this game is good and is only going to get better. The team behind it really care about how people react to them making each update and they can always be contacted through Facebook or Twitch where they remain consistently asking us players what we like and don’t like about the current build as well as what we would like added into the game. I was saying to them something about a peg with a waterfall in it and now they’re looking into it and going to pop it into the game. When I think about the fact that it’s even being attempted I’m pretty happy to see a developer care so much about their fanbase. It’s not 100% guaranteed that this will make it to the final build but consider this, me saying one of the things I’d love to see added in the game to make it feel more real and even more relaxing when you’re on the peg fishing is being considered by the developers with open arms. That just shows a strong degree of dedication to customer service during Early Access which is what it should always be about.

Anyways, I’m hugely enjoying this game and hope the write-up was helpful for people considering picking it up on Steam Early Access. Take a look at the Official Trailer of the game below and be sure to hit up the Steam Page for the game to find out more.

Dovetail Games Fishing Steam Page

Developer / Publisher: Dovetail Games

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