This week’s interesting PlayStation 5 rumors are fake, but based on reality

The internet is abuzz today with a new set of specs, release date information, and features rumored for the PlayStation 5. The supposed leak came in the form of a slideshow which is highly suspicious. Although it is likely that the slides circulating in the gaming community right now are fake, there are some points of interest which seem to be based on real leaks currently taking place.

The unfortunate blending of false and true information done by online broadcasters looking to capitalize on views makes it impossible for us to know what to believe for sure. It appears that either a hoax agent has created these slides which appear to combine predictions from fans, vague chatter among devs, evidence from AMD’s actions, and information allegedly leaked by high priced insider paid subscription websites.

Let’s start with analyzing the specs being claimed here. A custom APU with Zen 2 architecture is being claimed even though Navi for graphics processing is said to be part of this machine. Ryzen chips are not APUs nor SOCs like what was seen in the Jaguar designs for PS4 and Xbox One. It is much more likely that PlayStation 5 will use actual full fledged CPUs with separate graphics cards in order to better compete with PC Gaming. Navi architecture is not suitable for being baked into the Ryzen chip, it is a powerful GPU architecture requiring its own dedicated graphics card.

We will go into further detail about the evidence surrounding AMD’s involvement with the PlayStation 5 and what it could mean for specs, but at this time it’s clear to see that the RAM, Tflops, claims of ray tracing, and misunderstanding of how Ryzen and Navi function are obvious indicators that this slide is fake. As such, the rest of the information shouldn’t be taken as anything to get excited about either.

The likely reality is much more complicated to explain and could see a Zen + architecture for PS5’s CPU performing perhaps as fast as 3.5GHz with a dedicated graphics card debuting Navi architecture to the world through a behind-the-scenes contract between AMD and Sony. The way these parts would work and what their designs are like is not fully known and at best speculation has been foggy.

The next interesting set of rumors contained in the slides portrays a PlayStation VR Wireless solution which is immediately confused by the existence of a receiver device. In reality the actual expectation based on rumors at this time is that there would be no receiver required and instead the PlayStation 5’s VR solution could simply involve a headset devoid of any cables with the PS5 performing all data transfer over the air. Even this rumor has been seen as unlikely, but one thing seems to be agreed on. It is likely that PS5’s VR headset will be less bulky due to more supporting power coming from the console itself. It’s also likely that PS4’s VR headset will be compatible with PlayStation 5, though not ideal compared to PS5’s.

Again, whoever created these slides seems to have a lack of understanding as to the technology they are describing in their fake leaks. On the one hand, it is being claimed that PS5’s VR architecture (being called PSVR2) will use inside-out tracking. On the other hand, the leak shows a camera. These two technologies wouldn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. The language being used here is also unsure and suggestive, rather than decisive and informative. Various solutions and buzz words are being mentioned casually with no real solid direction presented for how any of this would function.

In the end, everyone in the gaming world is excited for the PlayStation 5. Fake rumors like this are created to gain views and capitalize on those people. In an industry full of secrets, leaks, and early reveals – it’s sometimes hard for folks to tell the difference. Some interesting ideas were created by this hoax, but it’s unlikely Sony would have time to act on any of these hopes even if they wanted to. The information coming about next-gen suggests it will be a very different and exciting time for gaming, with dedicated consoles becoming more like gaming PCs with backwards compatibility and powerful graphics cards – but time will tell.

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    1. Hello Cem, the PS5 images you are seeing on every website (including ours) are only concept arts made by fans. The real system’s look as not been revealed yet.

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