A Closer Look: Fade To Silence, New IP from THQ Nordic

Resurrecting the title of THQ itself, Nordic Games has become THQ Nordic and in a true show of form for the artist mastery the development house has been come to known for – Fade To Silence was showcased as one of our most enchanting games of The Game Awards 2017. Currently launched into Early Access mode on Steam, Fade To Silence will eventually see release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE platforms this year.

From the publisher that will also bring players Darksiders 3 this year comes a crafting survival game with cold, harsh winter and a dash of the Lovecraft twist on top. Players can take over outposts, hunt for food, build up their bases with various installments and upgrades through resource gathering and management, and engage in deadly combat with various enemies of the wild.

Something horrible lurks within the blinding white of our main character Ash’s environment. The Eldritch of an endless, post apocalyptic winter are here at the mercy of the old ones, an eternal evil that does not always provide full explanation of itself but perhaps extends its existence beyond time itself.

Taking advantage of the lone nature of mankind in this dynamically changing snowscape (snow fallen takes accumulation as the ground gets more and more covered and the gameplay changes), various levels of land themselves become a  trap. Trails, Blizzards, all develop in real time and change the scenario. What started as a simple mission has turned into anything but that.

Although this title is nowhere near finished, parts of it are available to play now through the Steam Early Access version of the game. If you’re the type of person who has a very strong computer and can handle unoptimized code with the understanding that some content won’t be out until weeks or months later, there is an offer for the title at the price of $29.99 with Steam Achievements, Full Controller Support, and Steam Cloud Support for Single Player Save Files to this Survival RPG Experience.

Available Now On Steam Early Access

Official Trailer:

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