Another up-to-date look at Terraria Otherworld

! Update: On April 13, 2018 Re-Logic announced that work on the Terraria Otherworld project was discontinued and the game’s final version has been cancelled. They’ve listed a number of reasons why and Lessons They’ve Learned on their official blog.

Awhile ago I wrote an article in regard to Terraria Otherworld. Well after a bit of waiting here’s a lot more information regarding this game. Terraria Otherworld’s alpha was released a few years ago. From first glance some would say it is just a remake of Terraria but that is definitely not true.

On this 3 year anniversary since its original announcement, and several months after a new management team has taken over the project, let’s take an up-to-date look at how this game turned out. In fact Terraria Otherworld adds some, if not many, new features, such as vital NPCs.

Many, many other mechanics and items also turn the original formula of Terraria on its head and give a new experience. Some of which are a new Skill Tree Mechanic. One example being, if a player prefers a certain combat style (i.e. melee, ranged, magic.) then the player will see said skill improve over time with constant use of those types of weapons.

Let’s say if you use a bow most of the time, your skill with said bow will increase as well as your experience with said weapon class. You will not be forced to choose one or the other, the player has full control over whether he wants to use a bow, gun, sword, magic, etc.

Right away this is a major change, but I see it as a way to add a bit of uniqueness to your custom character. Another thing being added is a bit of RPG added elements to give the world more life and the player more of a purpose or a goal to work towards. You will not be forced into it as it is the player’s choice whether or not to pursue these goals. I mentioned NPCs earlier and well, it’s true. With the new Terraria Otherworld NPCs will not just be lazy merchants who talk to you from time to time. No, the NPCs will play a major part in Terraria Otherworld.

As you play and follow your own set goals farther in to the game, you will notice each NPC has their own Background, and have their own story to tell as you progress. Of course they will give you quests as well and maybe advice if you ever feel lost in this gigantic open world environment.Now there is no set release date but Re-logic has assured the game for the PC and Mac. I for one am excited as hell to play this. Check out some footage of Terraria Otherworld below,  and hop on the Official Terraria Otherworld Website if you decide you’ll take a chance on something new and creative from the builder world of gaming.