Just Cause 3’s Newest Official Trailer Revealed w/ Release Date Window [HD 1080P]

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on Just Cause 3’s rise from the abyss then you might be surprised to know that the hype has already been slowly building for the third entry in this long-thought-lost franchise. When screenshots first leaked for the game’s existence, the crowd went wild as Internet sources scrambled to get confirmation. The quality of the shots made it pretty obvious that this was the real deal though, and we were later rewarded with a Firestarter Trailer. Looking back, we always had a feeling there would be a third Just Cause game and Avalanche Studios planted that seed of belief themselves a long time ago.

Today we have received another trailer of Just Cause 3 from Avalanche and Square Enix who have revealed the release date window for the game to be Holiday 2015. The platforms, unsurprisingly, are indeed Xbox ONE, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC still thankfully not including the older systems so hopefully the game will not be held back by bad design choices and instead will be free to grow and evolve into a larger experience than previously possible. While many are calling this “Gameplay” it’s obviously not but rather a cinematic trailer made using bits and pieces of footage likely captured in-game on the PC version’s engine with camera angles you can’t actually get by playing and then spliced together carefully in Adobe Premiere Pro by talented trailer editors over the course of several weeks. That being said, it’s still pretty cool to watch, if you don’t mind being marketed at. Check it out below.

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