Fallout 76 update given more transparent detail, delayed to December 13th for PS4 / Xbox

As previously announced during a official community update, Bethesda Game Studios has launched the December 11th update for Fallout 76 for PC versions of the game. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming platforms are set to get the patch two days later. A number of key aspects regarding this patch have been surfaced in Bethesda’s patch notes which include Atomic Shop items becoming visible directly from workshops, the option to hop worlds if your base location is already occupied, and more.

Current updates for the game being planned include a more transparent handling of ‘under-the-hood’ systems within the game being tweaked, such as damage or experience points. This has been reflected in the new detailed patch notes as expected. There is still the second half of the 1.03 patch coming down the line for gamers. Bethesda seems to have a strange habit of naming patches part one or part two despite the fact that 1.03 was intended to be the second part of the 1.02 update, and game consoles have completely simplified their version numbers versus computer platforms which still use the same formatting structure actual internal programming teams would use.

The update scheduled for today includes a number of tweaks to the game including automatically removing obstructive objects from the world map to aid in their deployment and building up of C.A.M.P.s with elaborate designs or just help fix the issue of average bases giving players trouble with placement / loading during a log-in or world hop, as reportedly was a problem in the past for many players. The game will also give a chance to join new worlds instead of having a world in which the location of your C.A.M.P. was already taken by another player. The stash limit increase occurred with Bethesda’s last patch on December 5, 2018 which saw the full amount of stash storage capacity increase from 400 to 600 pounds at any given time.

Bethesda has also managed to reduce the file size of their routine patches to a reasonable size from 1.01 requiring nearly 50GB of downloading to 1.02 being only a few gigabytes and 1.03 reportedly shaping up to be 5GB on consoles and 3GB on PC. Today’s update also adds ultra-wide support and push to talk for PC users. PC Maintenance will occur during today on December 11, 2018 with maintenance for consoles taking place Thursday, December 13, 2018 The PC version number is 1.03.10 after today’s update, on PlayStation 4 consoles the version number is probably going to be 1.04 in keeping with Sony’s version number standards.

  • “Event Quests: A 15-minute cooldown timer has been added at the end of each Enclave Event Quest.
  • Event Quests: XP reward amounts have been reduced for the following Event Quests:
    • Fertile Soil, Collision Course, Tea Time, Guided Meditation, Distinguished Guests, Battle Bots, Line in the Sand, Protest March, Grafton Day, Patrol Duty, Jailbreak, Back on the Beat, and Feed the People.
    • Additionally, the cooldown timer that begins after starting each of these Events has been increased from 48 minutes to 1 hour and 12 minutes.” [Bethesda v1.04 Patch Notes Excerpt]

Bethesda has also patched out a bug that many have mistaken as an in-game incentive whereby players would receive 5 Canned Meat Stews (complete with a 5% Experience bonus stackable with ‘well rested’ and ‘well tuned’ bonuses). It turns out, this was not the game encouraging you to keep playing longer and instead was the act of a player completing an event quest titled ‘Feed the People’. Everyone in the server would receive the word despite the fact that only the players completing the quest were originally intended to. Many players have since asked Bethesda to put the bug back into the game after being patched out, stating that it felt more in-line with the spirit of the quest for others to receive the canned food goods rather than just the players who completed the event.

Other patch features include; bugfixes, an AFK timer, depth of field and field of view sliders, adjustments to event experience rewards, ‘re-speccing’ after level 50, Windmills producing 12 energy instead of 3, Atomic Shop items have been added directly to Workshops, changes to how the compass works, and more. For the full list of changes made to Fallout 76 with the v1.04 update check out Bethesda’s Official Patch notes.

“Compass: Maximums have been implemented for each type of marker that can appear in the compass, and up to 60 markers in total can be visible at once:

  • Up to 10 markers each for quests, locations, hostile players, and enemies.
  • Up to 8 markers each for neutral players and targeted enemies.
  • Up to 4 markers for teammates.
  • Players can still use their Pip-Boys to toggle tracking off for individual quests if they’d prefer to reduce them amount of quest markers in the compass, and on-screen.” [Bethesda v1.04 Patch Notes Excerpt]

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