Resident Evil 2’s 2019 remake for PS4 / Xbox / PC is only 41 days away

Resident Evil 2 is arguably the most impactful Zombies based video game originally released for the first PlayStation on January 21, 1998 with a storyline also taking place in 1998. This January 25, 2019 the world will see a true rebirth of the game in a full remake seeking to provide a technological leap for both graphics and gameplay in the survival horror game which set the stage for an entire genre to flourish while exploring two different characters, new level design concepts, and provide an excellent quality gameplay experience the pre-era leading up to the peak of 2D / 3D mixed environment games.


In addition, controls and gameplay in response to it had to be tweaked and reworked from the ground up. Although the title will keep the series on a path of returning to its roots while bringing its core gameplay strengths into the modern age, it will do it in guided ways. For example, the dangers of a level making timing a key aspect of the player versus enemy action. Environmental hazards, stunning attacks, etc. will combine with character animations like taking a breath or standing back up providing a challenge to shoot perfectly.

Because of this change zombies themselves, levels, bosses, mini-bosses, and even many puzzles along with some level re-imaginings have all taken place. This was necessary in order to create a game which is balanced and well thought out in all design aspects which are appropriate for the modern era while maintaining that old school Resident Evil feel along the way.

Name: Kennedy, Leon S. / Height: 178cm / Weight: 70kg / Age: 21
Blood Type: B / Loyalties: RCPD (Racoon City Police Department)

Leon is a police officer who’s seen things we could only imagine. While coming to terms with the situations before him, he proceeds to learn the hard way how to survive in Racoon City after most of humanity has been transformed to the walking dead thanks in no small part to an outbreak of the T-Virus thrust upon civilians by an evil, shadowy corporation called Umbrella. It is even rumored that the secret behind the virus lies in its creators attempting to make weaponized beings out of truly evil genetic experiments. Leon  specializes in taking the military approach, all out, big guns blazing.

Name: Claire Redfield / Height: 169cm / Weight: 52kg / Age: 19
Blood Type: O / Loyalties: TerraSave, BSAA, S.T.A.R.S.

Mr. X is one of the largest enemies in the game and will stalk the sister of S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield who starred in the first game. Her name is Claire and she has a skill with knives as well as pistols and although the kickback is something fierce she can manage with larger weapons as well.

Name: Wong, Ada / Height: 173cm / Weight: ?? / Age: ??
Blood Type: AB / Loyalties: Unknown

Not much is known about Ada Wong other than her alluring way of evading death while staring down Umbrella themselves in her goal as a Chinese espionage agent sent from a rival corporation on an unknown mission of high importance. Her excellent skills in stealth are unparalleled and she prefers to leave no trace behind.

Some changes have been made to the game’s formula since last time around including each character having their own exclusive scenes and story moments rather than trying to retell the original plot through a game in which either character could’ve done either action. Some elements of the game have been rewritten or enhanced to provide a surprise for returning players and to provide a smoother overall product.

Capcom describes the game as “Nostalgic, but New”. Some dialogue is also changed for dramatic effect and to add depth to the game’s characters. Some characters also dress differently and may act slightly differently than in the original game.

Release Date: January 25, 2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox, PC
Developed by Capcom R&D Division 1
Published by Capcom


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