Super Mario Maker 2 brings level creation and infinite Mario to Nintendo Switch

A sequel to Super Mario Maker is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Just like in the original, players make their own Super Mario levels using a wide variety of user-friendly tools featuring segments and objects from across the Mario series.

Slope tools, vertical levels, custom level scrolling, a Super Mario 3D World graphics layer, and many more fan-requested features have been added to this sequel which may also increase the discoverability of levels.

Other new features being added to the game include the infamous Cat Suit, see-through pipes, Ant Troopers, Piranha Creepers, Porcupuffers, Skipsqueaks, The Angry Sun, Airship Level mechanics, parachutes, power-ups, and more. The game was revealed as part of a recent Nintendo DIrect which also showcased Tetris 99 (a battle royale spin on the iconic puzzler) and Zelda: Link’s Awakening receiving a full makeover with Nintendo Switch as the new home for the GameBoy era cult classic.

For those unfamiliar, Super Mario Maker was one of the most successful titles of the Nintendo Wii U and although a handheld version did release for the Nintendo 3DS, it did not contain the full capabilities of the original title. With the Wii U being Nintendo’s least popular home console, selling only 13 and a half million units since its release in 2012 leading up to the cancellation of Wii U in January of 2017. The fact that Super Mario Maker still managed to excite the game industry and find an audience, reaching  4 million units sold and boasting an online community of creators who completed over 7.2 million levels generating over 600 million play-throughs. President Donald Trump even got in on the action and made a few levels himself!

At this time the Nintendo eShop listing for Super Mario Maker 2 marks the number of players as “To Be Announced” leading some to believe that the game could end up containing multiplayer upon final release. There is also mounting evidence that other unannounced features could enrich the Switch game further differentiating it as a sequel rather than a remaster including vehicles, an upgraded menu system for making levels, custom programmable goals like coin collecting and more,

Super Mario Maker 2 will release for the Nintendo Switch in June 2019. See Nintendo’s Full Press Release for more or check out the Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019 Full Replay from our friends over at GamersPrey.