Square Enix financial reports predict significant revenue increase via 2019 Marvel’s The Avengers game

In part of a financial forecast made by Square Enix regarding Fiscal Year 2019 and 2020 the release date of an unnamed major video game was cited to investors as a large boost for market performance at Square Enix. Fans who follow the game industry have already been gathering hints about the upcoming Marvel’s The Avengers video game by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal since it was announced by Square Enix in the beginning of 2017. The reports suggest it’s a safe bet that the game will see a heavy marketing push and could also be likely to release this year.

The developers of Marvel’s The Avengers speak very confidently about their belief that comic book fans and gamers alike will be proud to enjoy the game for years to come. The Avenger: Endgame film is scheduled to release in 2019 also lending to the crossover effect on sales for both products. Fans are foaming at the mouth for details and have proposed that Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 could be an example of the quality to expect. Some rumors even make the argument that the two could be within the same universe, given some comments made by Bryan Intihar, the game director of Spider-Man during a Spoilercast Interview on Kinda Funny Games.

Although it is still possible that Marvel’s The Avengers could miss deadline and sacrifice crossover promotion from the film, taking until 2020 to finally release. Either way, it does appear to be next in line to receive the ultimate Square Enix marketing machine’s attention. Yosuke Matsuda (President of Square Enix) stated in his 2020 forecast that fans should be prepared for E3 2019 to find out more and promised some sort of announcement. Based on the sum of Matsuda’s comments regarding earnings investors should expect, Winter 2019 did appear to be the time period in which their next major video game would be released, leading to a huge boost in shareholder value.

There are some folks who thought that Final Fantasy VII Remake was the game being referred to as the next major release by Square Enix during their meeting to investors. Sadly, the giant game publisher is known for taking many years to complete a project after announcing it pre-maturely so that’s unlikely to be the case. Other significant details of the call include SE’s western projects Just Cause 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider being pointed to as under-performers while Kingdom Hearts III set records for weekly 2019 video game sales taking the number one spot from Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 upon its release on January 29, 2019 . KH3 also surpassed the 5 million units sold milestone in February 5, 2019.