Rumor: Hidden code found in Fallout 76 suggests “lunch boxes” which affect gameplay server-wide

Hackers have allegedly found hidden code within Fallout 76 which suggests that “lunch boxes” similar to those found in Fallout Shelter could be added to the game in the near future. If true, this is likely to become the next scandal in a revolving door of bad press situations Bethesda has found themselves in since the initial leak of Fallout 76.

Perhaps some of the mishandling of the game and its public communications are the fault of BattleCry Studios (now renamed to Bethesda Game Studios Austin) which is responsible for the development of the game after their only other title, BattleCry, was cancelled. Regardless, Bethesda will continue to take a hit for each incident the game encounters as they’ve portrayed the title as being from the core team rather than allowing the BattleCry staff to take responsibility for the good / bad of Fallout 76. The title is one that we enjoy personally, as seen in our Fallout 76: First 76 Hrs Review.

However, there have been some scenarios which even fans of the game are not able to defend. The latest lunch box rumor is just that. Read on for more information, but keep in mind that this is all just a rumor at this time and has not been confirmed.

According to those who have made the discovery, it is currently unclear whether or not the lunchboxes will be added to the game. They’ve apparently only just been discovered now, but have been hidden in the code of the base game all along. There seems to be no random number generation, therefore they aren’t exactly lootboxes in the traditional sense – they’ll give exactly what is expected.

It also appears to be true that the lunchboxes in Fallout 76 (if they ever release) would be purchasable with Atoms (premium, microtransaction currency) as well as earned for free through in-game play. The programming for these lunchboxes is not completed, though some have made mods on the PC version of the game to test it out. In the mods, other players see the item as a paper bag. In the final version it is expected that other players around you will see confetti blasts and musical fanfare to advertise the opening of a lunchbox.

Perhaps most interesting, is that gameplay effects seem to be server-wide for some lunchboxes. This could be to keep the game an even, level playing field and avoid a pay to win gameplay economy. Most of the buffs that can be earned from lunchboxes (judging by the current code) are minor and can also be obtained already through other methods in the game, but we don’t know what the final product could look like. Some may include the ability to not incur any thirst for a given amount of time, or take less / deal more damage in Player Versus Enemy combat (or maybe even PVP).

The Elder Scrolls Online does a decent job of handling the issue of balance, microtransactions, and in-game economy, but there seems to be a deeper issue at play with Fallout 76. This appears to be the game in which we are realizing that the majority of Bethesda’s fans are just not going to be interested in online games at all. There are certainly a great number of folks enjoying themselves, but the vocal minority are quite upset with this game.

Perhaps it is somewhat justified, and lootboxes are a destructive force on any game, but maybe Fallout 76 would have been given a more fair treatment from fans if BattleCry Studios was given the credit for the game rather than Bethesda Game Studios confusing the issue of who made the game (while they’re actually busy on completing Starfield, and only gave advice on Fallout 76).

[Some Info Sourced: Despotak via PCGamesN]

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