[Update: Vive Pro Announced, 2K Per Eye] HTC Vive Pro Leaked Following Vive 2 Speculations and Demand

Update: Vive Pro Announced, Built In Sound, 2K Per Eye, Wireless Sold Separately:

Below is a rumor post from before the announcement of the Vive Pro which contained rumors that the device would use 4K per Eye graphics technology. We now have the full announcement officially letting us know the following specs of the Vive Pro.

4K Graphics, but 2K Per Eye, Not what we expected but still a 37% increase in graphics capability – and rumored to get rid of “the screen door effect” by using a resolution of 2880 x 1600 per eye. The screens will now be OLED screens. Pixel Density is 615 pixels which is a 70% increase above the original Vive screens.

Sadly, Wireless will be sold separately still, although HTC did announce an Official Vive Wireless Adapter for both the HTC Vive and Vive Pro. For the first time, sound is built-in! The latest Vive controllers are expected to be included. It appears that foot tracking we wanted so badly to happen in a re-bundle of Vive just isn’t quite there yet either. While Lighthouse 2.0 technology is used for the Trackers that come with Vive Pro, a step up from Vive original trackers, the custom trackers we mentioned being crucial to open world gaming in our Vive 2 article will not be included. Despite not being quite what was expected, overall Vive Pro looks great and seeks to keep innovation going in the VR Gaming market.

Official Vive Pro Reveal Trailer:

Reader Warning: The Following below this contains rumors and speculations mixed with news previous to the update found above. DO be sure to read both and understand the time lapse. Thank you.

Recently we’ve been talking a lot about VR Gaming again and with our pleasant experience surrounding the HTC Vive it’s been a constant desire of ours to see the technology’s base offering advance. We knew there was a way that it could be done without alienating the original investors of the technology as well. We know why Valve needed a ‘Vive 2’ device on the market, but we didn’t know it would actually be better marketed and explained as a Pro model of an already existing hardware line that will continue to march on with good health.

New documents allegedly leaked from HTC show that may be exactly what’s about to happen this year. Similar to the way that Sony has successfully offered a step-up package without abandoning the PS4 itself, by selling a PS4 Pro, HTC will do something alike. The HTC Vive Pro is the subject of a new leak that has began circulating within the underground games media today. Check out the evidence derived from this Leak so far.

The Vive Pro will be a 4K (2K Per Eye)* VR Gaming Headset designed for SteamVR and Viveport requiring 4K Gaming PC. Vive Focus is something new entirely and will also feature 4K VR Gaming visual capabilities.

Ultra High Definition VR Gaming:

Vive Pro will allegedly feature a higher resolution display based on the ‘Vive Focus’ standalone headset device being shown off at Consumer Electronics Show 2018 as we speak. The leak reports that when the press release hits we will be seeing perhaps up to 4K per eye graphics resolution for Vive Pro owners who play on a Gaming PC or Vive Focus owners who would only require the headset itself rather than a gaming computer to power it. Currently, HTC Vive only houses a “2,160 x 1,200” display per eye making it technically somewhere in between HD and 4K graphics.

A downloadable setting exists which will enable Supersampling for the Vive, slightly increasing performance by having a powerful Gaming PC render 4K per eye then crunch it down to 2,160 x 1,200 resolution (thereby fitting more detail in the same amount of pixels, sounds weird but it works). Instead, a Vive Pro will come out with way better visual output capabilities immediately from the start.

Especially with graphics so close to the human eye, this matters a lot, and it’s great they aren’t leaving original Vive owners behind with this but rather are creating a multi-product line for these devices to co-exist together on the market.

The Vive Pro will be a 4K **(2K Per Eye) VR Gaming Headset designed for SteamVR and Viveport requiring 4K Gaming PC. Vive Focus is something new entirely and will also feature 4K VR Gaming visual capabilities.

Vive Focus seems interesting indeed, but much remains to be seen for it meanwhile Vive and Vive Pro on PC will have the benefit of years of games development and releases already snowballing momentum through Valve’s Steam game service and the Viveport subscription based game platform HTC offers is a nicely affordable ‘game rental’-style add-on bonus.

Unfortunately, it is unclear if the Vive Pro will be offered with any related foot tracking technology or updated scanning mechanisms.  It is likely to assume Lighthouse 2.0 technology will be implemented in the trackers. There’s still hope HTC might bundle some trackers for foot tracking or have a new solution for movement in games to announce. We will have to wait and see what details are revealed if and when this Dream turned Rumor turns Reality as happens all too often these days in the video game and virtual reality gaming industries.

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