Slasher Vol. 1 Summer Camp (PS4 / XO / PC) Starring Kane Hodder (Jason from Friday The 13th)

Murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, kill.

Why do psychopaths do the things they do? Often times it’s a deep and dark mental instability gave way to a meltdown. Some say there are chemical reasons related to the brain or genetics. Nobody knows for sure, but growing up the evil villains of all of our slasher flicks had their own stories. Jason from Friday The 13th is one of the most popular and well known slasher villains in Film, and as such, it is likely with great honor that the upcoming video game Slasher Vol. 1 Summer Camp will be starring Kane Hodder (known for his role as Jason Voorhees in the Friday The 13th films).

This is killer cross-over between Film and Gaming, literally, and this horror game is 80’s themed – something which has worked very well for indie games we’ve loved in the recent past. Tom Savini who has starred as Blades in Dawn of the Dead (1978) among a large library of work, as well as received many credits for behind-the-scenes work in Film and Television production.

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Here’s what Tom Savini had to say about Kane Hodder in Slasher Vol. 1 Summer Camp (Coming to PS4 / XO / PC):

“When I was being considered to direct the next Friday the 13th movie I was going to bring Kane back as Jason,” said Tom Savini. “Kane and I go way back. I’m thrilled to be working alongside him again. In a way this is better and we get to bring Kane back. He’s the best in the biz…besides, who doesn’t want to BE Kane Hodder? Or better yet, who doesn’t want to be KILLED by Kane?”

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