Leaked: The Order: 1886 (PS4 Exclusive) – HD 720P 30 Frames Per Second Gameplay Footage

The following footage has been leaked online of The Order: 1886 an upcoming exclusive PlayStation 4 third person shooter , action / adventure game from Ready At Dawn and Sony. It is possible that the leaker’s intention was to dispel rumors that the game was heavily reliant on QTE (Quick Time Events) and suffered from poor controls. So far, reactions to the video seem to be that it is restoring gamers’ confidence in the title. This footage features commentary from a YouTube broadcaster in Italian and is only uploaded at 720P HD resolution with 30 Frames Per Second frame rate.

Editor’s Note: The final build of The Order: 1886 which customers will buy for final product is targeted for 1080p resolution at 30 Frames Per Second, this footage is likely of the final build but was uploaded at a lower quality and passed through rendering software as well as YouTube’s compression system. Please keep that in mind when viewing this footage.

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Edit 2/7/15: Sony took it down but we are working on a workaround to let you all see it again so make sure to check back in a few hours today.

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