Rumor: DualShock 5 leak shows touchscreen instead of touchpad

Rumor: DualShock 5 leak shows touchscreen instead of touchpad

Update 3/18/2020: The Road to #PS5 – RGN’s Breakdown of PlayStation 5’s Custom Integrated Circuitry

Two images have surfaced allegedly showing off, for the first time, what next-generation game console PlayStation 5 will have for a controller come 2020 during its expected release window.

Back in the day we had a similar leak showing off the DualShock 4 prototypes that existed in which the plastic being used were looking very cheap and yet the final product’s design did launch with a similar look despite the materials and finer details being much smoother and well thought out.

Above: DualShock 4 Prototype

This could be the same situation in which the final controller for PlayStation 5 will of course be made out of better materials and have a few adjustments made to improve its feel yet the overall concept remain the same.

Jason Schreier who has been blacklisted by prominent developers such as Rockstar, Ubisoft, and Bethesda for leaking information and starting hate mobs online against games like Fallout 4 has gone on record to say that he believes the controller images are fakes. Nevertheless, we will treat this as a heavy rumor / leak until it’s 100% proven to be false. Even if Jason says it’s fake it’s still worth taking a look at what sorts of concepts PlayStation 5 could potentially incorporate into its next controller.

We ran a few articles mentioning the touchscreen possibility earlier in 2018 but due to website renovations on the back-end those are temporarily unavailable. You can do your own research easily and see that Sony has indeed been patenting such technologies, further lending to the credibility of this controller.

We should know at the PlayStation eXperience 2019 event expected to take place this winter as Sony has opted to skip the Electronics Entertainment Expo for the first time since its creation. It is currently unknown when exactly the tech giant will announce or release the PS5 with most predictions seeing a 2019 reveal and release dates ranging from Spring 2020 to Winter 2020 or even 2021.

Our best guess is that PlayStation 5 lands somewhere in 2020, but only time will tell for sure! You’d better start saving now if you want to be part of next-gen from the start, and if you’re not sure whether or not that platform is worth your time be sure to check back with us as we will be covering all next-gen platforms whenever they launch and the games that come out for them.

Above: Leaked DualShock 5 Prototype

[Source: Industry Insider; Tidux]

One thought on “Rumor: DualShock 5 leak shows touchscreen instead of touchpad”

  1. What makes PlayStation controllers superbulous to me is the minor structure changes that they`ve made to it gen-to-gen, the only improvements they`ve made of the original design are features that mesh with where technology is going, to me, this is in a large part due to the first design being subjectively near perfect, the main reason I`ve stuck with Playstation over the years has nothing to do with exclusives, functionality, or price, it`s because of their controllers, if the year PS4 came out you had only played PS1, you would have no trouble adapting to the console.

    That being said I don`t like how they got rid of the cutout underneath the sticks, it gives it a third party controller feel to me, the touchscreen is unnecessary and doesn’t feel like an upgrade, but as long as it doesn’t drain the battery or the sensitivity doesn`t cause accidental interruptions mid-gaming it`s fine, other than those two factors it doesn`t seem much of an upgrade from last gen to me but the ps4 controller doesn’t need an upgrade in my opinion, if anything the ps4 controller is so versatile than any upgrade that can be made are ones that could potentially ruin it, which could be the case here.

    I`ve personally moved to PC gaming but still use a ps4 controller, if the Ps5 is backwards compatible to at least ps2 I could see buying a console anyways a few years after the initial release (Hello Drakengard!) I was even planning on upgrading the controller when the next PS gen is out but if this leak turns out to be true I think I will pass.

    Hopefully the overhauls don`t increase the price too much because in my option picking up a new PS4 controller is STILL too expensive.

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