Rumor: Google Stadia pricing and store details leaked

Information from Beta testers of “Project Yeti” which is Stadia’s internal code-name at Google has allegedly been leaked through broadcast personality TheQuartering regarding some of the unanswered questions Google left hanging for the service regarding pricing and more. We’ve even got some very surprising inklings of what the games lineup may look like.

If nothing between now and Stadia’s launch change the service will be free to access. This could also mean Stadia will have a premium version which requires paying a membership pass as subscription service and implements special features for users who opt-in.

Hopefully there will not be an ad-based aspect to Stadia as many have feared, given Google’s massive position in that market. Even more likely, personal and impersonal data on users will certain be collected for resale to game companies, industry analysts, and to be fed to Google’s latest AI for deep learning purposes.

Users can buy games that they are able to stream forever. These titles may or may not be discounted from full physical release pricing, it is unclear at this time.

Google Stadia games said to be included in the lineup:

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • Red Dead Redemption 2*
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Call of Duty
  • Doom Eternal
  • And Many More

*There will be long, timed exclusives on Stadia as well, some of which may be paid exclusive deals like the ones Epic Games Store is controversially signing to gain users who cannot pick up certain games on Steam. This type of exclusive approach was also used to originally gain favor for the Xbox 360, and it certainly works to get gamers on a platform.

1080p gaming at 60fps will require approximately 25mbps. 4K gaming at 60fps is said by Google to only increase the download throughput speed to around 30mbps even with HDR enabled. However, the average user playing currently ranges between 125 – 350mbps download and 15mbps upload speed or higher.

Bandwidth usage could range between 3 – 10gb per hour depending on resolution of the game and speed of connection which won’t matter for folks with unlimited home internet but is important to others living in remote areas still capped on data.

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