Has Fallout 76 gone pay-to-win?

Bethesda has released repair kits and improved repair kits for semi-persistent online game Fallout 76 which restore the condition of weapons and armor to 100 and 150 percent durable for in-game currency called Atoms which can be purchased or earned in-game for free. Pete Hines has described the practice as essentially no big deal, claiming it’s not pay to win by some technicality we have yet to be explained, and pointing at “loot crates” as the real enemy. However, fans of Fallout 76 find the addition of this item has affected the balance of the game’s PvP elements and gameplay integrity overall.

Bethesda Game Studios promised big at E3 2018 and will have a lot of ground to make up for as many Skyrim and Elder Scrolls fans are worried about the quality of The Elder Scrolls VI. Those fears may be quelled soon though, as Bethesda has been spotted dropping frames in their dev diary trailer showing geophotography methods added to The Elder Scrolls for the first time. This could be a major step in improving The Creation Engine which Bethesda has also insisted is just reaching its prime time having finally evolved to support this technology.

So what does this mean for the game’s visuals? Previously photography and videography of terrain in Washington D.C. as well as Boston were able to be used to build Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 respectively. But now with Geophotography Bethesda can literally scan in large areas of real life terrain and convert them to accurate texture data as well as precise sculpting data for every object in the game.

Time will tell how Bethesda can make it up to Fallout 76 fans who still enjoy parts of the game but even more so to those who hated it and see it as an omen for Bethesda’s New IP Starfield, or even worse; a sign that TES VI may end up a rushed, buggy, un-optimized, and un-evolved game that isn’t able to satisfy fan expectations. For now it’s clear that fans will need to see a lot of proof before they’ll be willing to pour their game-time into Bethesda’s future projects.