Grow Home Steam Review


The gameplay in this game is all around decent. It’s very simple, yet surprisingly fun. The game environment resembles a grid, what I mean by this is that you’re constantly doing the same objective or trying to complete the goal. In Grow Home the object is to explore and help the ecosystem. To do this you harvest crystals, flowers, also make larger plants grow. When you’re doing this you must climb many as well as tall mountains and objects.

This task really adds a unique element to the gameplay because it is not something done in most games. One particular thing I also noticed with the gameplay, but which I did not really care for at all, was the fact that BUD the robot you play as in Grow Home seemed rather “floaty” or “wobble like”. or another way to put this is when walking or jumping it feels almost like walking on the moon. but all and all the game play is not to bad matter of fact its rather fun. Anyone looking for a decent abstract action / adventure inspired platformer title and you enjoy a good old grind in a game I would recommend Grow Home.


In Grow Home the Ubisoft action platformer title you play as a robot names BUD. He doesn’t have much character to him beings he does not speak. there are no voice overs in Grow Home. Another character in Grow Home is M.O.M. This character is more or less the narrator of the game. Only the narration of Grow Home is done with text and hints rather than voice. I found this a little lackluster but nonetheless it does not take away from the fun factor of this game enough to really punish heavily for it, but could serve as an area of improvement for the future updates or sequels of Grow Home.


The controls in Grow Home are not bad by any means. They are actually rather simple. If you are familiar with almost any action 3D platformer it’s not really difficult at all to play. On the Xbox One controller just install the Official Microsoft Xbox One Controller for Windows drivers, plug in, and play. You have your basic A for jump X for action as well as Y and B for backing out of things. A neat control feature to this game is you can pick between the L and R triggers, or bumpers to press one after the other in a left to right pattern to climb structures and or mountains. And as in just about every game you play in this genre, or with a controller for that matter, L stick moves and R stick looks around. Although the controls are simple and not all that innovative it does not take away anything from Grow Home, it is a well put together game when looked at from the control aspect.

Final Verdict

Overall, Grow Home is amazing. Ubisoft has hit somewhat of a minor home-run with this game. Though it has his quarks and glitches it and could be a little bit better, it’s a fresh experience and overall feels like a complete game release. Your controller gets a workout. I love the way Ubisoft Reflections made the graphics and thankfully the gameplay is better than what I thought it could be. Grow Home is definitely worth the pickup on Steam or UPlay, and hopefully it comes out for the Xbox One, Sony PS4, Android micro-consoles, tablets, and smartphones as it seems to be fun for any kind of gamer. I want to play it over and over again, and you’ll probably feel the same. We need to see more in the form of updates or sequels, but we’re glad this game stands on its own without the crippling need for any DLC or micro-transactions. It’s just a whole lot of fun, and a true gamer’s game.

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Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating : Silver Game

Developer: Ubisoft Reflections

Publisher: Ubisoft

Available On: Windows PC (via Steam)

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Written by TecRev and Shanerr of GeekEssentials for RealGamerNewz

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