Amico console, controllers, and 22 exclusive Amico games playable at E3 2019

If you haven’t heard about Intellivision Amico yet then let us be the ones to tell you, it’s a modern 2D gaming platform for retro-inspired games, retro ports, indie titles, and more!

Last month it was announced that a new Earthworm Jim will release exclusive to the Amico. With in-house console design experts and investment in game development studios, Intellivision are taking the Amico console very seriously. During a time in which gamers having growing frustrations with AAA games, the Amico provides a very different platform full of potential.

The Amico releases in 2020, and this year’s E3 2019 will be the first time game journalists will get hands-on with playable consoles, controllers, and twenty two playable Amico games – all of which are exclusive titles. Although this will occur behind closed doors for press appointment only, it’s a great sign that things are on schedule for Amico. We also have information on how the games available for demo would break down in terms of genre and style.

For the E3 2019 demo showcase of Intellivision’s Amico console, the following genres will be balanced together; 25% of the showing will be comprised of Classic and Retro games which have been upgraded with enhanced graphics, audio, new game modes, local co-op, and versus modes. Since they are promising 22 total that means each segment gets five or six games.

Many of the classic games will likely be Intellivision titles. Games which are not retro may surprise some folks as this is not a retro-only system and will also support full indie and third party studios for various exclusive Amico projects.

25% of the lineup will be Original IPs. These are, of course, games that haven’t been seen before on any platform and will take advantage of the Amico’s touchscreen and tactile controls. 25% will be Sports games and Recreational games. Some examples given are bowling, shuffleboard, pool, darts, and fishing.

The remaining 25% of Amico’s E3 lineup will be made up of Board Games, dice, cards, word games, puzzles, and potentially role playing games that use a combination of board game logic, turn-based gameplay, and traditional role playing game elements.

Intellivision Amico
Price Range: $149 – $179 USD
Available in 5 different colors
Release Date: October 10, 2020 

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