Watch Dogs Legion Leaked: London, Play as NPCs

An alleged Amazon UK listing which was leaked said “Watch Dogs Legion is set in a near-future, dystopian version of London. It’s a post-Brexit world in which society, politics, and technology have changed and altered London’s fortunes,” & “Play as anyone, Every individual you meet in the open world, has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems.”

Watch Dogs / Watch Dogs 2
Publisher: Ubisoft

Earlier leaks suggest less attention being on gun fights with more of a universal experience including skateboarding, graffiti, parkour, etc. and that the game would be teased 2 weeks before E3 with full gameplay reveal at E3 and release in November 2019. We have no evidence yet if the rest of this is true. There could also be branching mission systems and a half Asian half British main character named Sarah who will have a chance to influence crowds during events.

The game is set in the near future after Brexit and provide a grim commentary on an alternative future version of history. So many cameras watch over citizens at all times, and now you’ll be able to use this social surveillance system to not only hack the world but also become the people you’ve been watching within this world. The strange feature of playing any NPC you come across certainly expands the identity and value offering of Watch Dogs as a franchise and creates a new reason for gamers to get excited about a third entry in the franchise.

With E3 2019 being just days away we are likely to see more leaks and rumors popping up, but this year should be very different than usual years as PlayStation won’t be attending. It seems there may be some big surprises after all, from Microsoft and maybe even Nintendo. Will this be the E3 which reveals the next-generation? Only time will tell. Check back at RealGamerNewZ for our coverage of this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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[Some Info Sourced: ResetEra via GamersPrey]