New 3DS XL TV Ad from Nintendo Fails Hard At Marketing New Device to Anybody

Some of us more so than others are looking forward to the release of the Nintendo New 3DS XL. But this latest advertisement had us scratching our heads for a second. What you’re looking at above is a freeze frame shown on-screen for literally microseconds after a visual of the new console is shown paired with a great nostalgic arrangement of sounds.

We got nothing new here, and the actual information you see in the screen above was pretty much impossible to clearly notice if you’re just a passing consumer. This is another example of Nintendo wasting money on advertising that’s not going to get mainstream consumers educated nor interested in this device. Leave it to the YouTube community they are aggressively attacking or sites like RealGamerNewz which they give a cold shoulder to despite our love for their games I suppose…

I’ve heard Nintendo of America is simply bad at advertising, but it appears to me more like they wish to trick overly eager consumers out of their money instead of earning early adopters like myself the right way through disclosing great features and details about the device.

Perhaps Nintendo just made this video so you’d hit rewind a thousand times and earn them ad revenue? Another day another dollar! On with the show mates!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate are both being released for the existing Nintendo 3DS and will be compatible with the New 3DS device as well. Majora’s Mask will be in a remastered state for both the Nintendo 3DS and the New 3DS. Don’t let this ad confuse you to otherwise.

However, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be exclusive to the New 3DS hardware family and is the port of an existing game from Nintendo Wii days. It is expected that Nintendo will release much more Gameboy Advance, N64, and Wii software to the New 3DS hardware (and assumedly the Wii U as well), eventually. It is also expected that with the New 3DS Nintendo will begin to allow the release of more indie, free-to-play, and/or cheap digital games. How far this will go or if Nintendo will stay committed to these plans remains to be seen though, and unclear ads like this certainly were not helpful to mainstream audiences, gamers, or anybody really… and if it weren’t for DVR / Tivo / YouTube then we wouldn’t even know this freeze frame existed in this extremely brief, paid for TV ad Nintendo just spent their hard earned cash on.

Keep it locked to RealGamerNewz for real hands-on impressions of the Nintendo New 3DS XL from a consumer’s point of view and without bias. We look forward to comparing notes to gamers out there who are looking to be early adopters for this hardware and will work to provide Reviews as well as News on this emerging platform as well as continue our existing 3DS coverage lineup.

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