Oculus Quest 128GB Review

A completely wireless standalone game console has been built into one of the latest virtual reality headsets from Oculus. The California-based company has played a major role in the implementation of modern VR tech thanks in no small part to major contributions from the industry ‘brainiac’ behind id Software and Oculus CTO John Carmack. The company looks to be still pioneering and innovating to this day despite fears from some gamers that the firm being acquired by Facebook in 2014 would affect trajectory.

Oculus Quest is the first VR headset that comes with its own screen, SOC (CPU, GPU, RAM), operating system, built-in web store, and more. That means there’s no PC required, and aside from first-time set up, there is no smartphone required either! Not only does this benefit VR enthusiasts with convenient transportation, it also significantly reduces the upfront investment for most potential buyers still on the fence about virtual reality products in general.

At the recent annual Oculus Connect event, hosts Facebook and Oculus announced their shift to Oculus Quest as the main focus of the company going forward and revealed a few important stats including the Oculus Quest by far exceeding retention on Rift. So how does it stack up in long-term testing and hardcore gameplay?

Controls / Tracking: ioiojn Haptic feedback, touch sensing controls, full inside-out tracking, with 6DOF tracking (for the first time in a standalone VR), the Oculus Quest is truly unmatched in the standalone hardware space for high-end user interfacing. With a coming update in 2020 the device will also support hand tracking for alternative VR experiences which are better suited without controllers and this will further expand the versatility of the Quest.

Display / Graphics: In the Quest everything looks amazing and it’s hard to believe that this 1440 x 1600 (per eye) display is able to achieve convincing graphics with no stuttering and it isn’t even using a PC hidden somewhere in the room to render. When a new Oculus Quest is created someday we do hope to see higher graphics resolution and frame rate, but there are certainly no complaints with what has been produced thus far. If you have never tried VR then this should be your first device as anything less honestly was not good enough – Quest thankfully manages to exceed expectations greatly especially with its low price.

Processor / Memory / Storage: The performance of the processor on the Oculus Quest is fantastic. It seems to have the right amount of CPU power and the quality is comparable right away to the early days of the HTC Vive which costed more and required a fairly expensive PC to operate! The 128GB model of the Oculus Quest provides a seamless experience in which updates are auto-installed, plenty of games can fit (with titles ranging anywhere from 1GB to 15GB in size). With operating system, security updates, and critical applications taking up space, we highly recommend going for this version and not the 64GB one.

Oculus Link: As mentioned earlier, Facebook has named the Quest as the future format of VR and it is the main focus form factor for the company. As part of this support Oculus Go titles were ported to the Quest and a new, specialized USB-C cable called the Oculus Link will release this winter allowing for VR-Ready Gaming PC’s to hook an Oculus Quest up and treat it as a Rift giving full access to the Oculus Store on PC meaning their full library of PC VR games. Upcoming titles which will make this an incredible feature to have include Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond and Asgard’s Wrath!

Battery Life: 2.5 Hours

WiFi – Inter-connectivity: A/B/G/N/AC/DUAL-BAND


Using the power of high-end smartphone processors and graphics, two adjustable circular AMOLED screens at a fairly high frame rate with built-in tracking and two high precision controllers.

DISPLAY: DUAL AMOLED, 1600 x 1440 (PER EYE) @ 72Hz
STORAGE: 64GB or 128GB

  • USB C

Quest is currently only available in 64GB and 128GB variants, with no hope for expanding memory later. Although it’s a shame, I prefer this situation versus finding out the hard way that maybe the current version of Oculus Quest software isn’t fast enough to run games off of microSD. Hopefully later generations can offer this feature, or at least provide a much higher starting option and premium option for on-board storage.



Recommended Games:

Dead and Buried II – One of the best online multiplayer shooters currently out for the Oculus Quest VR Headset. Learn the map, run and gun, find your enemy before they find you – and aim true!

I Expect You To Die – Perfect secret agent simulation doesn’t come without its dangers! Various types of combat, stealth, and action are involved as players carry out a variety of top priority missions.

Sairento VR: Untethered – If you won’t make it as a spy you can always try the cyborg ninja line of work. A little less stealth and a little more slicing and dicing in this one.

Republique VR – The revolution will not be televised, it will be virtualized, in VR! It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Beat Saber – Exercise, keep up with the latest pop music, and share an experience that even your friends who don’t game much will be able to enjoy and appreciate the applications of VR during.

Vader Immortal: Episode I – This is a must-have title in which players are able to swing light-sabers and use the force to choke out their victims during an introductory session into this new VR series.

Recommended Accessories:

Oculus Quest Travel Case – Even if you don’t plan on taking your Quest out very often, direct sunlight can damage the OLED displays. We highly recommend the Official Oculus Quest Travel Case just to keep everything safe and together in one place for when it’s game time!

Oculus Quest Custom Earbuds – There are two small audio jacks on either side of the Quest VR Head-Mounted Display which can be hooked up to individual earbuds with short cables and this provides a great experience when you need to limit the noise output or just want a more intimate and immersive experience.


Perhaps the best gaming headset of 2019 for those looking to share their experience with friends or just take it on the go with ease. To put things another way, Oculus Quest is finally succeeding in growing the VR market outside of its enthusiast bubble by providing the most popular Oculus product ever made, a high standard for quality, a low cost of entry, and a simple setup which doesn’t require any wires, tracking sensors to install, etc. Oculus Quest is helping VR to gain speed and take over the world faster.


RGN RATING: 9 / 10 (Gold)

Manufacturer: Oculus VR (Subsidiary of Facebook)
Launch Price: $399 (64GB), $499 (128GB) USD

Oculus Quest Canada Price: $549 (64GB, $699 (128GB) CAD


Review Copy Info: A consumer model of the Oculus Quest 128GB device was purchased by RealGamerNewZ for the purpose of this review.

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