Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Exclusive PS4 Game Mode

With many already setting their eyes onto next-generation PlayStation 5 game releases anticipated, confirmed, or otherwise – one shock moment came to the industry when Modern Warfare was revealed to have an exclusive game mode on PlayStation 4. The exclusivity of Warfare Mode on PS4 will last until Oct. 1, 2020.

This is in direct contrast with the fact that the game will also have, for the first time ever, cross-play between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms! However, money talks and Sony’s wallet has spoken. So what is this mode all about and is it worth buying MW on PS4?

In original titles Spec Ops Survival Mode pitted players against strong A.I. in scripted scenarios built to test your worth in various combat situations as well as versatility and understanding of the game’s abilities systems, gear, and general gameplay mechanics.

In the new Spec Ops players hunt terrorist leaders in a 4 player co-op campaign with its own story-line and missions. A huge focus on teamwork with aerial strikes, C4 strikes mid-air, med kits, and blockbuster cinematic moments being promised are all part of the new formula. There’s even an XRK Weapons Pack digital pre-order bonus up for grabs specifically for this game mode. Spec Ops mode is looking better than ever and only PS4 owners can play it.

Now that we have found out at Sony’s State of Play Event that this mode’s latest iteration will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 many fans are reacting negatively as they claim this shows a lack of care for PC and Xbox fans. Given the reluctance Sony has shown in the past regarding cross-play, this seems to have easily been a tough call which was made in order to satisfy Sony and still get the cross-play approved for standard multiplayer matches.

Infinity Ward, who has actually seen a return of staff for many who had previously left for Respawn Entertainment or other firms, has decided to make a statement regarding this community concern.

Taylor Kurosaki is the Narrative Director at Infinity Ward and had this to say about the situation, “—Survival is 1% of the game. The other 99% is simultaneous day and date across all platforms. I’d rather have everyone playing 99% of the content at the same time than 100% of the content some time later.”, [archive]

Sadly, the decision to release this statement shows a serious out-of-touch attitude and blatantly lying to misrepresent stats. Clearly, a rudimentary education should prove that these numbers don’t make any sense and are meant to undermine the issue. The fact is that by October 1, 2020 players will already be moving on to a new title or next-generation version of this title at the very least with over a year of missing out on this version given that the Xbox and PC won’t be getting that mode, by then players will likely abandon the title entirely.

Modern Warfare is being touted as a straight up harsh reality experience based on actual geo-political conflicts going on around the world and so the Spec Ops mode isn’t a primary campaign.