Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Update: Night Vision Mode & Kill Confirmed

Users were prompted with an update for PC and PS4 last night with new content being added to the game. Two new game modes were added to the title for free access to all players as well as a variant on one of the modes (3 new playlists total). These additions to the game are met with cautious optimism as Activision has been known for monetization but Infinity Ward and its giant publisher seem to have struck gold with gameplay quality and balance.

Night-time maps with realism rules, minimal HUD, night-vision goggles, and increased headshot damage! Now players can live out one of the main scenes debuted within Modern Warfare’s trailer, the night vision shoot-out and raid is now an official part of the game’s offerings as part of the patch that released when the clock struck midnight.

Xbox users will likely be receiving this patch at the same time as PC since the entire game is cross-play between all three of its platforms (which has been working very well). and PS4 users who have reported back to RGN about the download (7.8GB for PC, similar for PS4). We have also heard that the download is quick but “copying” step can take a long time on PlayStation 4.

Kill Confirmed is a classic Modern Warfare game mode in which online players compete against each other in to-the-death shootouts but the team which picks up the most dog tags wins. Picking up the tag of your comrade will negate the enemy team from scoring a point and will subtract one from that deficit. Scoring by grabbing a defeated enemy’s dog tag will put the team in position to take the win. Ultimately, Team Deathmatch gets a new spin on it with this game mode and results can vary drastically from strategic to completely chaotic.

Hardcore Kill Confirmed has also been added to the game.

To access Hardcore modes, Press X (on Xbox Controller), Square (on PS4 Controller), or R (on Keyboard / Mouse Setup) while inside of the Quick Play Filter.

These new content drops are certainly a show of good faith, but can that good faith last? Black Ops 4 historically released to universal praise until microtransactions were added (and are now removed!) but Modern Warfare itself is a technical masterpiece with revitalized gameplay and robust engine performance. We are all just waiting and hoping it stays as awesome as it is right now, these new modes being released for free will help keep that hope alive.