Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare tells the story of today with real life guns, scopes, silencers, grenades, drones, air support, and more.

There’s a full featured campaign story mode this year with a variety of multiplayer experiences including an all-new Ground War with tank battles, helicopters, and jets, Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Hardcore Mode, a brand new Realism Mode, Search and Destroy, a sudden death mode featuring revives called Cyber Attack, other limited time game modes, Hardpoint, and more!

For the first time ever, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers can all join the fight together in Modern Warfare.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a soft reboot of the classic Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and its sequels MW2 and MW3. Those games specifically the first two are still well regarded to this day and looked at as some of the best games of the last gaming generation. Last year’s Call of Duty Black Ops IIII (4) was the first mainline Call of Duty entry to entirely skip having a campaign in favor the popular battle royale mode seen in many shooters these days.

A lot of people were disappointed in this as some people actually do only play COD for the campaigns as some of the entries of the past had good stories and fun missions like Black Ops and World at War. But this year at what seems to be at the forefront of advertising is the fact that Modern Warfare has a campaign and dark realistic story. Featuring the return of gaming icon Captain Price and the return of modern combat which the series hasn’t seen since 2011.

In Modern Warfare you play as a member of the US Marines and of the British SAS very similar to the original Modern Warfare’s campaign, despite being a completely different scenario and story. Terrorist are using suicide attacks and chemical attacks to disrupt countries in Europe.

The game has 15 missions all of which have varying degrees of objectives and length. For the most part I was pretty disappointed in how short most of the missions were, finding myself wanting more, which the missions towards the very end of the game became more of what I wanted I still felt like I would’ve preferred a longer game of around 8 to 10 hours instead of a 5-6 story, as it felt like about half of the game was cut-scenes of a decently engaging plot with some entertaining characters and moments, especially Price without spoiling too much.

The most standout mission in the entire game would have to be when you infiltrate an enemy safe house with night vision goggles it doesn’t feel really at all scripted and you’re going from room to room, to floor to floor wiping out enemy’s in the dark. The night vision goggles help you plan your attacks and what type of play-style you want to go for in this mission. Slow and methodical or running from room to room, floor to floor and taking out everyone in your path.

Of course depending on if you pick recruit or veteran you would see varying success depending on player skill and enemy placement. But that mission is what I got the most enjoyment out of, it reminded me of a more focused version of a early mission in the original Modern Warfare where you use night vision goggles and can play guns blazing or more stealth like, except that was multiple areas, while this mission was mostly one very large building to go through and clean up. Sometimes I prefer the density of content with how its executed and this would be on of those sometimes.

You do see a variety of set pieces and open gameplay in Modern Warfare, levels letting you do your own thing like the before mentioned night goggles mission, and then those that are either more linear like the two opening missions in Russia and European city. Where you find yourself being more set on a path and killing guys in front of you.

Although the level in the city has civilians running around everywhere so you can’t just spray and pray, you have to actually think about where you’re aiming or you’ll hit a scared civilian just running for their life and failing the mission. While the first mission is the very typical fps campaign mission where you just go on a linear track and shoot enemies in front of you, but since it was setting up the plot of the game you can look pass that.

Then we have some levels with set pieces like controlling a helicopter or running away from raging gunfire, I don’t want say too much here as you get to partake in some cool scenarios but I think this game may have the best set pieces in the series.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s campaign is a bit slow to start and quick on the missions but a little past the halfway point it becomes something great and worth playing through. I think I still like some of the older campaigns in the series but this game is it’s own game and I am looking forward to what Infinity Ward does next with Modern Warfare.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC gamers can finally play together for the first time in Call of Duty history. Modern Warfare is even rumored to be releasing on Google Stadia as well adding further to the platform. A comprehensive system using universal Activision IDs, the ability to look players up by Blizzard Account, PSN ID, and Xbox Live Gamer Tag. Invites, Party, and Public Game Chat all seamlessly transfers over.


This year’s COD is revamped in a way we haven’t seen in years. If you thought Black Ops 4 looked good (which it did at the time), Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a significant upgrade. With a clear interest in competing with the aesthetic / feel of the Battlefield franchise amidst their Battlefield V public relations failures which had led to the game setting a record as the worst selling title in the series thus far, selling nearly half as many units as Battlefield 1 during a launch period comparison.


Many of the maps in Call of Duty encourage a variety of gameplay styles including slow and methodical, camper-style shooting around corners, pre-aiming, etc. and that can frustrate some players who prefer to run and gun. The nice thing about Modern Warfare is that they offer maps which also provide this. However, there are some questionable map design styles here and there, as the franchise will begin to adapt to a larger battle area inviting more points of view increasing danger.


This year Call of Duty brings back the promise of unlocking a large amount of weapons, perks, scopes, and more. There are many gun licenses restored in this partnership with the military industrial complex with new game maps being offered for free and many firearms showcasing their real life weaponry reputation. Additional content that keeps things interesting includes rotating game modes and limited time events such as night vision, realism, trials, shoot-outs, and more.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare provides a chance for Activision Blizzard to make up some good faith with gamers. The title does not feature microtransactions (at the time of this review) and it has a wealthy feature-set while providing a full featured campaign. This is essentially everything fans have asked for. If it were to be evolved further in the future rather than lost to changes, this game’s formula could serve as a solid foundation for Call of Duty to finally rise above its status of trend-setting but stereotypical shooter. Modern Warfare gets a 7.5 out of 10, earning a Bronze.

RGN RATING: 7.5 / 10 (Bronze)

Available On: PS4 | PC | Xbox

Additional Development by: Beenox, RavenSoft, High Moon, Sledgehammer

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