VR Gaming Heating Up As Valve Announces Half Life: Alyx

Update – Half-Life Alyx, First Details, Releases March 2020, and Oculus Support for SteamVR


Behind The Scenes w/ Geoff Keighley

Original Article:

This Thursday, November 21st at 10am Pacific Time Valve will formally reveal Half Life: Alyx to the world. This title is their main production currently and will serve as a flagship VR game for the Valve Index headset. While this may not be the Half Life 3 fans have been waiting nearly a century for, it will certainly be the closest gamers have ever been to seeing Half Life come back to life.


For a long standing rumor which had been going around that Valve was showing off a Half Life VR demo, the fleshing out of a full game announcement is a great sign indeed! This could also mean that previously rumored projects such as the Portal 3 VR experience and Left 4 Dead 3 could also eventually release. In any event, one thing is for sure; VR is heating up again!


Recently announced by Respawn Entertainment, a full-on virtual reality reboot of the Medal of Honor series has also recently given energy to the VR Gaming movement when it was revealed back in September of this year. As part of an Oculus launch, competition between SteamVR is certainly starting to bear fruit for consumers as both platforms aim to please their customers and keep them loyal in a variety of interesting ways. For example, Medal of Honor Above and Beyond will be playable on the Oculus Quest (check our review of the first fully wireless all-in-one VR system), through a Rift-compatible PC and an Oculus Link cable!


Being touted as “the biggest VR role playing game” and drawing many comparisons to beloved nostalgia associated with games like Skyrim or Oblivion, Asgard’s Wrath launched just a few days ago for Oculus Rift and will also be playable on the Oculus Quest via the Oculus Link cable when it launches in 2020. For many, this game represents a major milestone in VR gaming as all of the main and auxiliary features found in modern games have been accounted for and the feeling of a full product has been accomplished.

Only time will tell how far Valve is willing to go to achieve the same, and what fixes if any they have prepared for the locomotion scenario. The industry is beginning to feel confident enough in VR Gaming to bring major franchises into the fold, making this perhaps the best time to own a VR gaming device, whether it be the maximum spec Valve Index or the take-anywhere-you-go Oculus Quest!