Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok – Ubisoft’s biggest leak yet?

Update 4/30/2020: Ubisoft drops Assassins Creed Valhalla Reveal Trailer in 20:40:1 Aspect Ratio

Rumors and whispers have long been chanting about the next Assassin’s Creed game, but the leaks have come to a critical point as Ubisoft goes into full hype mode for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 Reveal Event in February 2020. With an Amazon Listing Leak, Anonymous tipsters revealing to publications, Ubisoft could be leaking the data themselves, in an act of self-promotion, or rogue employees could just be taking the excitement upon themselves.

[Fan Art by Petros-Stefanidis]

Viking themed, code-named Kingdom, potential SKU leaked Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok – Valhalla Edition [PlayStation 4] shows the focus and time period / setting being planned this time around; these are the headlines. Boats, pirate raids, the Valhalla JFK Center viking Easter egg in The Division 2, but some still believe the full name might not be Ragnarok? All details in the leaks may or may not be correct, but one thing is for sure – Ubisoft’s silence on the matter is very indicative that this is a real project just about to be announced.

Insiders are confirming with anonymous sources that the overall concept is correct, and have added their own twists on what we should expect in regards to gameplay experience.

[AC Ragnarok Easter Egg found in The Division 2]

  • 4 Player Co-Op (drop in, drop out).
  • Platform: PlayStation and Xbox (current and next gen).
  • Will be announced at Sony’s PS5 Event in Feb. 2020.
  • AC Ragnarok will release September 29, 2020.
  • Main Character: Jora was created mainly as a female character but has a male version with the same name apparently.
  • Jora led a small band of 4 during their adventures which is why other players can drop in and out for co op.
  • Continues heavy RPG mechanics classes skill trees.
  • Combat is upgraded with more weapon types and abilities.
  • Each weapon can have runes upgraded and durability increased.
  • Adrenaline replaces Beserker mode; fire, frost, lightning.
  • Weapon durability and small inventory which can be upgraded.
  • Conquest battles are making a comeback.
  • Sailing returns, but with less of a combat focus, and more exploration.
  • Upgraded parkour, tree climbing.
  • Hidden blade is back and customizable.
  • Level system has been overhauled to allow level region locking to be eliminated in the open world.
  • Map should be representing various kingdoms.

Reminder: Leaks are not facts until confirmed, but insiders with good track records are leaving their name on the line for this one.

There is also a rumor that the main character’s male option is being considered for being cut for the first female only release in the Ac series although proponents for player choice have argued against it.

Personally, I don’t really have any opinions on this project until I see it officially revealed. Weird choice for a setting though, but could be cool. I felt like AC Odyssey should’ve been a new IP and I kind of feel the same way about this one. AC Origins though was definitely Assassins Creed though.

Oh it’s definitely real I have no doubt. Every game since Black Flag has leaked the same way so I doubt it’s being leaked on purpose, although that is a possibility for sure. They just can’t keep a secret. It’s such a large company with teams all over the world.

It’s probably going to be a continuation of the style and gameplay of Origins and Odyssey so it should be good. Probably about lore, dealing with the ones who came before. It just depends on what time the game takes place in Norse history, there could be London from that era in the game, could be several countries from Europe, who knows? Only time will tell, until then – saving up for the PS5!

[Some Info Sourced: A. Avard, 4chan, J. Schrier via LegacyKillaHD]