Sakura Angels Review

Looking for the next great thing to read in your spare time? Do you love anime? Well then Sakura Angels is definitely going to be for you. Sakura Angels is a Visual Novel Anime Story where the player gets some decisions that do impact the story to some extent. The story is based around two girls, Sayaka and Hikara who are tasked with the job of protecting a boy named Kenta’s life without him knowing. After you start the story you are shown a dream, not just any dream but Kenta’s dream. Or nightmare in this case. After the nightmare ends Kenta wakes up to a normal routine of falling out of bed. After he is around and ready for school he makes comments about how his life has been bleak due to the routine of his everyday life. As he makes his way to school he begins to get a headache and shortly after is attacked by a dark creature whom towers over Kenta.

After this you the reader are tasked with deciding whether to run or obviously head fist first into the creature. After picking one a bright light is shown and Sayaka and Hikara (who Kenta had no clue existed) appear out of nowhere and defeated the creature without a seconds notice. After explaining what little they can to Kenta he finds out they are what they call, his “guardians” and they were tasked with watching over him to ensure his safety so he doesn’t come into any harm. From what? You’ll just have to read it to find out. But in order to insure Kenta’s safety they were forced to reveal themselves to him and defeat the monster. He was definitely confused as hell but in the end got a hold of himself and figured out that they were not hallucinations. So that is where the base story starts.

After that the story plays out in a way where Kenta has to change his life around due to the fact that he has two angels around trying to protect him. And they are doing all they can to protect him as much as they can. The story was a great one to read that is for sure. The dialogue was really good, there were definitely some funny parts as well as serious ones too, and there were definitely some choices you could make along the way. Some which are serious choices and some which I deem a little silly. There are also some dialogue choices you can choose when it comes to talking to either Sayaka, Hikara or both.To me the dialogue choices were more for the readers sake in order to reveal some more parts of the story.

The story itself as it shows plays out quite nicely. As you are reading there is music to go with it. And as the scene changes so does the music. If it is a serious part more serious music will play, a comedic part more comedic music plays. After awhile though the music does get repetitive though it is nice to have in the background while your reading. As I read I also noticed that the more the story progressed the more you notice a connection being formed with Sayaka and Hikara. Not as just the reader but as Kenta as well. As the story moves forward you notice you have some dialogue choices pertaining to either Sayaka and Hikara and depending on who you decide to speak with grants you different dialogue choices between each character.  I won’t spoil what may happen depending on the choices cause you will definitely have to buy this game yourself to see what happens cause the ending is definitely one to check out.

Final Verdict: As an anime lover I can definitely say this anime had a great story with a well written and thought out plot. I have read a couple anime novels in my time and this one is on top right next to them. It has great charactes, great dialogue choices and an interesting plot that you just have to step back and take a good look at. I can tell the Writers, Artists and Developers put some really hard work into this and it shows. I greatly recommend this game/novel to many who are big fans of anime whether it be animated or novel based.

Overall Score: 9 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Winged Cloud

Publisher: Sekai Project

Available On: PC | Mac | Linux | SteamOS (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: RealGamerNewz received a digital copy of this game from the publisher for the purpose of this review

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