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Real Gamers, entertainment journalism, and hip hop combine in the Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast featuring Jeezy AKA DJ Killzown Jones and Breezy. In the latest episode “Loyal To What Matters” a number of hot topics are discussed including the latest in video game news, film and television streaming services, financial advisory tips and evaluations, celebrity scandals, rap dissing beyond the grave, culture discussions, Hollywood, industry revolutions, and beyond.

Among the latest games to top the charts this year, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops 4, stock market analysts are debating which games will sell the most copies this year and whether or not a dormant franchise can overcome the latest entry in a long-running blockbuster series. Impressions on new titles like SoulCalibur VI are also featured on this week’s cast.

Hip Hop beef and the most enjoyable albums of the year are also discussed with a strong, passionate debate on various topics peppered with fun times and lots of jokes. The laughs are plentiful, the ideas are major, and the topics touched on are all over the map. Various voices representing different points of view converge together in this episode, so check it out.

This Episode’s Stars:

  • DJ Killzown Jones
  • Breezy
  • Loopy
  • Yung Link
  • Jon Iro

Topics and Timecodes:

  • 04:30 Gaming News and Topic Overview / Introductions
  • 05:41 Black Ops 4 Impressions
  • 07:57 SoulCalibur VI Impressions
  • 10:05 Red Dead Redemption 2 VS Black Ops 4
  • 23:16 Hip Hop Dissing After Death (Vic Mensa VS XXXTentacion)
  • 29:08 Hip Hop Beef: Real Or Fake? (Pusha T VS Drake, Etc.)
  • 57:48 Culture Discussion (Kanye West, President Trump, Etc.)
  • 1:21:36 Fox / Disney Deal and Removal of Marvel from Netflix
  • 1:34:16 Early Game / Hip Hop Album of the Year Impressions

Warning: Explicit Adult Content, Not Safe For Work. The Views Expressed On Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast Are For Entertainment Purposes Only And May Not Reflect The Views Of REALGAMERNEWZ, DJ KILLZOWN JONES, OR THEIR SPONSORS. Enjoy Responsibly!

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