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Some of this week’s topics include Fallout 76 Launch Week Impressions as well as some other hot button topics going on currently in the video games industry. Gaming companies lashing out against their own fan-base whenever their projects get criticized is compared with the outrage culture in the community giving real criticisms a bad name. The casual market paying in on games causing publishers and development studios to become out of touch and fail to differentiate between the cash-grabs and the culture, the hardcore who fly out to attend events from the rest of the crowd.

Hip hop topics include the flu-caused passing of Diddy (AKA Puff Daddy) ex-girlfriend whom he says taught him how to raise a family and is deeply mourned as well as the latest antics from popular dramatic entertainers such as Tekashi 6ix9ine, 2 Milly is suing Epic Games for using the Milly Rock dance in Fortnite without paying, but that lawsuit could get messy regardless of the suspicious fact that Fortnite is clearly using well known dances without naming the creators or giving any credit / context on where they came from.

Additional topics include PlayStation 5 rumored announcement for PlayStation Experience Event in 2019, PlayStation Classic lineup and hardware analysis, the digital-only Xbox One, Project Scarlet, and Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft’s new overall next-gen approach to being a cheap streaming games platform with exclusive titles is also discussed. The Game Awards is the next big event RGN is counting down towards and will air December 6, 2018 (just 17 days to go) with a full WrapUp & Videos being posted on RealGamerNewZ when it happens.

This Episode’s Stars:

  • DJ Killzown Jones
  • Jon Iro (AKA Hitman0769)

Topics and Timecodes:

  • 00:13 A Moment of Silence for Kim Porter (R.I.P.)
  • 01:14 Fallout 76 Launch Week Impressions
  • 06:42 2 Milly Trying to Sue Epic Games for Fortnite Dance
  • 09:23 Refunds Requested for LawBreakers, Cliffy B Lashes Out
  • 17:05 Why Diablo Immortal Announcement Went Wrong
  • 22:54 Game Companies Disrespecting Fans Who Criticize
  • 28:53 Outrage Culture Giving Legitimate Criticisms Bad Look
  • 31:26 Casual Gamers Hurting the Industry & Ignoring Issues
  • 35:55 Tekashi 6ix9ine Fires His Whole Management Team
  • 40:00 PlayStation Classic Disappointments & Analysis
  • 47:33 PlayStation 5 Rumored for PSX 2019 Announcement
  • 50:35 Xbox Game Pass, Scarlet, Digital Only, & Cloud Gaming
  • 51:38 The Game Awards – What We’re Excited to See There
  • 57:28 Outro / Shout Outs / Future Guests and Co-Hosts
  • 58:29 Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

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