Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast – One Week ‘Til Smash

On this week’s episode of Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast Jon Iro and DJ Killzown Jones come together to discuss a plethora of issues in the game industry as well as hip hop’s recent shenanigans. 50 Cent, 6ix9ine, and the rap beef genre being used to generate fame / street cred is evaluated while loot boxes and their affect on gaming is also a major theme. This week’s show discusses government intervention on the microtransaction issue in modern video games as well as their proven link to gambling among young adults and problem gamblers.

In addition to these topics, PS4 hacking, Nintendo Switch leaks including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the affect they may or may not have on sales is discussed as well as the link between big online retail companies like Amazon and the problem with stores shutting down to the industrial growth complex. Death Stranding is rumored to have a particular release date, which gets discussed in the outro, but be sure to check out everything in store in this week’s brief but detailed show where we kept it in-depth and got right to the juicy points of each segment. Keep it real, keep it gaming! Peace.

This Episode’s Stars:

  • DJ Killzown Jones
  • Jon Iro (AKA Hitman0769)

Topics and Timecodes:

  • 00:26 FTC Investigating loot boxes as gambling problems rise
  • 18:59 6ix9ine could beat the case, informant was inside his crew
  • 25:28 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak & Sales Expectations
  • 29:35 PlayStation 4 hacked through web browser exploit
  • 31:13 Is GameStop on their way out? Business Issues Discussed
  • 50:43 50 Cent says he wouldn’t care if his son gets hit by a bus
  • 55:03 Should rappers try to diss people to gain fame / street cred
  • 1:00:05 PlayStation 4’s Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune available
  • 1:06:08 Outros / Shoutouts / Death Stranding release date rumor

Warning: Explicit Adult Content, Not Safe For Work. The Views Expressed On Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast Are For Entertainment Purposes Only And May Not Reflect The Views Of REALGAMERNEWZ, DJ KILLZOWN JONES, OR THEIR SPONSORS. Enjoy Responsibly!

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