PlayStation 4 Remote Play for Nintendo Switch? Sony asks its customers in new survey

Many may remember the all too familiar tale of how the original PlayStation started out as a project between Nintendo and Sony for which the deal had gone sour. Upon confirmation that Nintendo would not be using Sony’s disc-based video game console design and instead would go on to create the Nintendo 64, Sony took their designs in-house and built their own empire grossing more video game console sales than any other company (as of 2019). Chief among those, the PlayStation 2 is the highest selling game console of all time with over 155 million units (worldwide sell-through).

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Traditionally Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have been hesitant or outright defiant when it comes to opportunities to provide cross-play systems allowing players to interact together across multiple platforms. However, the huge success of Fortnite, pressure from Microsoft and Nintendo, and eventually even Activision signing on for the world’s first cross-play multiplatform Call of Duty game, it is now a very real possibility that xCloud could come to Switch and while PS Now is busy in overhaul phase with Sony’s new deal for Microsoft to host and manage its servers, therefore may not be ready to discuss quite yet, Sony doesn’t want to be left out of this new venture.

The survey in question was submitted to Reddit by a user YouRedditHereFirst who is likely part of a Sony insiders program that provides cheap rewards for quick surveys. These sort of web services exist all over and are nothing new, and have often been the source of legitimate leaks for future upcoming features being planned by companies still weighing the ROI (Return On Investment) before budgeting and executing the full marketing plunge.

In addition to the questionnaire providing a chance to give feedback on the usefulness of PS4 Remote Play on Apple TV and Android TV, the survey also includes Nintendo Switch as a potential platform, despite the fact that Sony has not announced or hinted at this up until now. There were also more features being considered which may or may not wind up being released for PS4, PS5, or just brainstorming updates in general – but the ideas are interesting!

Rumored Features:

  • Offline PS4 Remote Play (no info yet on how this would work)
  • An official release of a DualShock controller which has its own built-in screen for a more natural on-the-go gaming experience
  • PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games coming to Remote Play
  • Exclusive Content for Remote Play
  • Customizable buttons (similar to the xCloud layout)
  • Third party controllers (Razr, Xbox, Keyboard, Mouse, etc.)
  • Remote Play for Switch, Apple TV, and Android TV devices
  • Remote Play for Xbox consoles
  • Local area network streaming, Online VPN streaming

Keep in mind, it is heavily rumored that Sony is planning to release a thin client style handheld gaming device as a companion for the PlayStation 5 which only does Remote Play. These enhancements and upgrades to Remote Play are potential hints that Sony will lean heavily on this strategy to keep gamers on their PlayStation exclusive games regardless of what hardware they are around at the moment and even if they are out and about without releasing another handheld, which sadly doesn’t seem to be happening!

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Rumor Warning: This information has not been confirmed or denied by Sony at this time. Although the source of this leak has a good track record and history of releasing accurate rumors ahead of their announcement, projects in development often change and outdated information can result in the community getting overly hyped for rumors that could end up containing inaccuracies.

[Some Info Sourced: YouRedditHereFirst via W. Yin-P & Mizushinzui]