PlatinumGames teases four new projects with “The Platinum 4” marketing campaign

The Wonderful 101 is one of the forgotten games from the Wii U era which many feel justifies a ‘cult classic’ status and could be enjoyed by more people if it had been released for one of the industry’s more popular game consoles. Being that this title is a true Wii U exclusive and never saw release on other platforms, it has only been able to achieve a modest 360,000 sales worldwide since its 2013 release.

But this isn’t all PlatinumGames have up their sleeves for Early 2020 reveals. They’ve launched an entire marketing campaign to showcase four projects currently in development, the first of which was this remaster. The successful funding of the game on Kickstarter reached  ¥100 million yen in less than 24 hours, and currently sitting on $1.2 million USD at the time of this writing, proving that fans who requested a remaster are genuine buyers.

The Wonderful 101 Remastered received a funding offer from Nintendo who would cover all costs to make the game and share profits back to PlatinumGames, but only if the remaster came out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. However, PlatinumGames and Nintendo appear to have a complicated shared ownership of the IP. Because of this, and the industry’s new cross-platform attitude, Nintendo has “lent” their permission as a special case exclusively to The Wonderful 101 Remastered to see how it goes releasing a previously Wii U exclusive game on the PlayStation platform.

Other potential current PlatinumGames projects:

  • Scalebound – Rumored to be in the resurrection process by Nintendo and PlatinumGames after originally being funded by Microsoft as an Xbox One exclusive but later cancelled.

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  • Drakengard 4 – Some expect that the creator of Drakengard, Yoko Taro, who also worked on NieR: Automata with PlatinumGames could be producing a fourth entry to this series.
  • Tencent is a major investing partner in PlatinumGames now, which may be related to one of their projects or at least its funding.
  • P4 – PlatinumGames will begin self publishing soon as their current strategy of working with platform holders comes with specific pros and cons as seen with the Scalebound fiasco. Platinum 4 AKA 4 Leaf Clover (originally PlatinumGames was founded as “Clover”, A Capcom game studio).
  • More Info to be released at: #Platinum4


Confirmed Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC

Available to Support on Kickstarter Until March 6, 2020