Mega Lo Mania: Director’s Cut – Movie Review

In 2014 Chip-Hop emcee Random aka Mega Ran collaborated Hip-Hop Jazz Band “The Lo Classics” to conduct a three city tour and film a documentary around the tour as well as to discuss their humble beginnings the music industry. The result was Mega Lo Mania which is directed by Arizona Filmmaker Michael Cardoza was originally released last year as apart of one of Ran’s Kickstarter campaigns but now is planning to release the “Director’s Cut” on DVD as well as various streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and others. The Director’s Cut of Mega Lo Mania features over thirty minutes of footage cut from the original film and more celebrity cameos then you can hit with arm cannon including Murs, MC Front-A-Lot, Sammus Music, K-Murdock among so many others.

The film begins with Ran discussing his rise to fame as MegaRan and how he discovered “The Lo Classics”. Ran then details how the put together their tour and what challenges they faced bridging his live performance with the LC’s live instrumentation. Ran also gives his fans and supporters equal amount of screen time as they share their stories with our Teacher, Rapper and Hero. The film also features tour footage of Ran and The LC performing live versions of Splash Woman, Best Friends and others. The pacing and editing of the film is smooth and keeps you interested throughout, you will never feel bored or lost in viewing this documentary. The only problem though is there where a couple of times in the film where certain stories of Ran and the band told again but from a different perspective in two different parts of the film which maybe the added footage but it doesn’t slow down the pace or enjoyment of the film. The film quality is on par with recent gaming related docs such as Indie game the movie, Video Games: The Movie, King of Kong, AVGN The Movie and others. There was a lot of love put into Mega Lo Maina and it shows on screen.

Mega Ran And The Lo Classics are the chip-hop equivalent to Jay-Z and The Roots in mainstream rap. The energy that Mega Ran and the group puts into their music and their performances are inspiring to see on screen and its a real treat to watch if you were not there to witness it in person. Mega Ran is an amazing performer by himself and The Lo Classics takes his performance to another level. Mega Lo Mania is a the music documentary for those who never watched a music documentary as well as season vets who have experienced Jay-Z’s “Faded To Black”, Ice-T’s The Art Of Rap or MC Front-A-Lot’s “Nerdcore Rising”. If you haven’t already I recommend that you seen this film when it is re-released in June.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score 9 / 10

RGN Rating : Platinum Film

Produced by Glasswork Media/ Random Beats Productions

Directed by Micheal Cardoza

Available Soon On: DVD, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Redbox

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this movie was provided to RealGamerNewz by the Artist for the purpose of this Review.

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