Modern Warfare Season TWO Battle Pass, Akimbo, and New Guns Reviewed

Season TWO of Modern Warfare has just wrapped up so we thought we’ve decided to take another look back on everything that was released for owners of Battle Pass. While WarZone and MW2:CR are not part of the Battle Pass they certainly did help players feel better about Season TWO and have a lot more to do in COD in general.


  • Much better items to unlock than Season 1
  • WarZone released as free to play Battle Royale mode
  • Lots of Double XP Tokens, Weekends, Events, etc.
  • WarZone XP counts towards Multiplayer XP


  • Much shorter amount of time to unlock everything
  • Weapons from Season One felt weaker during Season 2
  • No new innovative elements added to the game (WarZone doesn’t count since it’s free for all)

Atlas SuperStore was released and we found it to be a very uninspired map. It’s certainly something you can get used to and find the fun in, but it was a poor design overall and a far cry from previous games’ standard of quality. In Canada there is a huge chain of stores actually called SuperStore with no affiliation to the Netflix show nor this map, but it’s worth mentioning. With this release Infinity Ward keeps up their poking fun at recent events like the Australia Wildfire inspired bundle You can find our review of this map over on RGN Facebook if you want to know more.

Rust was also brought back and given a nice remaster. This is an interesting map and was shown to be very enjoyable on 3 versus 3 Snipers Only mode during its limited time. If they bring this mode back on Rust definitely jump in and play. We had a lot of fun as you can see in our Long Live RUST video and it’s small size and various creative cover scenarios lend itself well to most other game modes too.

Other maps added to the game were the Khandor Hideout (a three lane Multiplayer map with similar design philosophy to Shoot House), Bazaar for Gunfight mode, and Zhokov Boneyard for Ground War. During Season 2 we saw such limited time modes as Infected Ground War, NVG Reinforce, various types of Gunfight modes, and a Demolition mode similar to Search & Destroy. New Operators dropped including Ghost, Talon, and Mace which were related to the Battle Pass or micro-transaction.

In addition to these contents the GRAU 5.56 and STRIKER 45 were added to the game and many tournaments for Gunfight as well as Call of Duty League were held in which any player could join from the main menu screen of the game easily via playlists.

Modern Warfare 2: Campaign Remastered was released as part of the Season TWO event but is sold separately and does not add anything to the Multiplayer / WarZone modes of the game. This is only available for PlayStation 4 until April 30, 2020 when it will also unlock for Xbox and PC gamers.

Our friends over at GamersPrey completed MW2CR in just under 4 hours. Watch the Full Gameplay Walkthrough in 4K clarity below.

There were a lot of good custom guns released as part of the second MW season, much better than the offerings last time. Codebreaker was the Tier 100 weapon described as a “very rare version of the FR 5.56 rifle,” and is stated as, “The FR 5.56 version of the rifle is an immaculately detailed weapon, which has a three-round burst fire capability, iron sights also features a 12-gauge shotgun attachment under the barrel, as well as gold accents offset by a gold grain weave.”

Interesting Operator Skins were available through first unlocking in corresponding the Battle Pass tier, then completing Operator challenges. These were in the last Battle Pass as well but appeared to be in a higher abundance for Season TWO as the first season put more of an emphasis on micro-transactions.


Worth It

This season’s battle pass comes with a much better selection of new guns being added to the game, some of which are free and totally new to the game whereas others are the usual attachment pre-made kits skinned which we discussed before in our review of Season ONE and Watch / Operator Bundles for Modern Warfare. Skip the Akimbo and go for the Battle Pass. At least that way you’ll be getting a few interesting Operator skins, including a couple of Ghost variants, and XP boosts to help you unlock the new guns.


It Could Be Worse??

Thankfully, Modern Warfare’s progression system may be on a slightly better track than last season, but that doesn’t forgive the major design of the microtransaction system being predatory. There is still a mysterious layer between players and the game’s inner workings with Infinity Ward (and / or some AI engine) seemingly shifting the power of weapons when they become too popular automatically.

This is something that the company would likely never admit to us, but could be part of the patented “in the background” system Activision was trying to develop to increase micro-transaction spending. It would also be a great way for them to get away with selling utility weaponry while under the guise of “just cosmetics”, but for now, if you’re a COD fan – you’ll just have to live with it.

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