Everything previously rumored for PlayStation is actually REAL on Xbox Series X, ⚝ Free Next Gen Upgrades

CD Projekt Red: “Gamers should never be forced to purchase the same game twice,” confirming that purchasing Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox One or Xbox One X when it becomes available September 17, will get players the Xbox Series X version for free when next-gen consoles launch Holiday 2020.

Joining Xbox Game Studios in “Smart Delivery” providing a Buy Once, Own on Both Gens – Free Next Gen Upgrades in the form of 4K and 8K patches, game improving code, frame rate upgrades, bugfix patches, and more. This is even possible with physical discs purchased for Xbox One or Xbox One X, when popped into XSX.

“Physical discs of Xbox games can  support Smart Delivery if the developer or publisher decides to  implement the technology,” – Phil Spencer, Xbox Boss
“We look forward to sharing more specifics in the future.”**


  • Free HD, 4K, and 8K Remaster upgrades via patch downloads
  • Pop in a disc from any Xbox console and it works in Xbox SX


Xbox Smart Delivery provides 4K, 8K Texture Packs Free – Forwards Compatible Game Purchasing for Xbox One, Buy it once and you own it for Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X, etc. when next-gen consoles release. Microsoft has committed to this for all first party titles at launch, and Cyberpunk 2077 has been declared as the first third party announcement of CD Projekt RED providing the game’s next-gen version for free.*

This announcement being made at Xbox and not PlayStation puts pressure on Sony who have expressed a different approach to this gen in which they will launch many PS5 exclusives early on and may or may not provide these free upgrades to next-gen from their PS4 exclusives like Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Square Enix felt the need to react to this news by ambiguously announcing that they themselves will not be focused on making exclusives for next-gen at this time and instead will prefer to produce cross-gen titles for the meantime including Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 (and presumably PS5). This draws out the very question that Xbox putting pressure on Sony initiates.

Does console gaming have a new standard of ownership through Xbox Smart Delivery like how Steam has served to maintain players’ ownership of PC Gaming titles throughout many, many graphics cards “next-gen” industry updates and countless Windows upgrades? Or, will some companies like Sony and Square Enix, decide not to support this either on PS5 or on their Xbox releases as well (Microsoft has left it up to third party publishers / devs to choose on their own to use Xbox Smart Delivery or not).

Clearly this marks the second front in a battle which began during the PS4 and Xbox One X price drop. Currently, you can get the consoles for the same exact price as each other with Microsoft’s being much more powerful. This was accomplished when Sony suddenly dropped PS4 Pro online price by 25% and in response Microsoft dropped Xbox One X online price by 40%.






Sony continues to patent and tease tech they’ll never release
Haptic controller may release, heartbeat / sweat sensor probably isn’t, will the companion device and external, portable NVMe SSD expansion memory cards actually be completed and release?

I hope so.

Everything rumored for PS5 is actually real on Xbox Series X
Backwards Compatibility Rumor Confirmed False for PS5, Xbox Backwards Compatibility continues, 4 platforms, Power (Xbox Series X is 25% more powerful than PS5), Smart Delivery (Sony make u buy twice?), Real NVMe SSD (Sony is doing hybrid pretending it’s better, it probably isn’t), suspend multiple games at once (this was rumored for PS4 but never happened), etc.


  • Console Wars Revival
  • Price Wars
  • Power Wars
  • Feature Wars
  • Pro-Consumer Moves by Underdog (Xbox)
  • Pro-Consumer Moves (hopefully) by Sony
  • Bleeding Edge Mid-Gen & Accessories (PS5 Pro, PS5 Remote Play Companion Device, PSVR2)
  • Monthly Subscription Services: PS+, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Streaming powered by Microsoft Azure: PSNow, xCloud
  • Cross-Play Multiplayer: Fortnite, Modern Warfare, Rocket League, Minecraft, and more
  • Xbox Series X can suspend and resume multiple games, even after reboot, hibernate, or full shut downs (confirmed on Major Nelson Podcast today on the Xbox Show Livestream)
  • Higher standards industry-wide uplifting quality on all platforms

Sony will try to have the most exclusives, and could even resort to paying off third parties to stay loyal (cough, cough Persona 5!). Xbox will finally regain some ground on the exclusives front, but it will take time. Phil Spencer has done everything he can to give Xbox first party studios an unlimited budget and pave the way for a team of 15 studios to re-iterate that mission and make it happen.

Microsoft is the underdog and will do the most exciting stuff this generation, but who in their right mind wants to miss out on the Sony first party studios games? If you want to play everything interesting this generation you will likely need to own both, and or a PC, start saving up! Cloud gaming could eventually see a future in which upgrading / owning hardware becomes optional, but for most people’s internet connections at the time being – not yet!

The other day I was asked by RGN Community, “Boss man, will RGN have some in-depth information on the teraflops for PlayStation 5?” and I replied. Not yet, 9 – 9.5 TFlops is what it looks like for right now. Digital Foundry has some really in-depth information about the 7nm GONZOLA chip but it was for dev kits so that is not the same as the PS5, it will be better. Not sure yet what’s going to happen but probably 9 – 9.5 Tflops.

It was supposed to cost less but Microsoft might match the price. Right now they made Xbox One X the same price as PS4 Pro with the current deals that are going on. So that was a warning shot at Sony, they will match the price next-gen most likely with more power but less exclusives at first.

Until PS5 Pro, which Sony does not want to do. They want to save that for mid-gen, so PS5 will be very powerful and we will all feel the need for one with lots of Sony’s existing exclusives being held hostage for the upgrade to see a clearer imagery. But, Xbox Series X will be a beast that slowly builds up a library of exclusives, on the other hand, as Microsoft’s Xbox wing has been reborn with its 15 studios under Phil Spencer, finally getting his own generation to be in charge of, after Xbox One was Don Mattrick whom ruined everything (Ex-Zynga CEO). Remember, Phil Spencer patiently cleaned up that mess and prepared for this gen but only now we can begin to see his ideas take flesh and flourish while Sony is on top of their A game. So this gen you need both to really see it all. With PS5, Sony is going to focus on their exclusive first party and third party games.

Microsoft is focused on the hardware way more than them now and Xbox can afford to lose money on hardware because they have successfully launched a ton of monthly subscriptions. Just think, if you have MS Office, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live and Microsoft Azure servers are powering xCloud, Hotmail, Bing, PlayStation Now, and more. Microsoft are 760 billion sony is 45 billion net worth. For Xbox brand Microsoft just needed the right person in charge and I believe Phil Spencer is that person they are competing with Sony, not trying to destroy Sony, just being next to them doing another thing different industry can have room for both now. its huge and growing still. They just needed the right person in charge who can see the future and adapt the Xbox brand.

Xbox vs PlayStation – Round 5

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[Some Info Sourced: Official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter, Phil Spencer via OnMSFT 1*, 2**]