Rumor: Sony considering cheaper price for PS5 + NEW Leaked PS5 Specs (9.625 TFlops Avg Performance)

Update 3/18/2020: The Road to #PS5 – RGN’s Breakdown of PlayStation 5’s Custom Integrated Circuitry

It seems the console wars really are back. ?

Today we have more leaked PS5 specs pointing to an overclocking attempt by Sony. According to these rumors, maximum performance of the PS5 is 10.25 TFlops with a base of 9 TFlops, making its average performance 9.625 TFlops to be exact). One of the more major differences between the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 seems to be the amount of GPU cores.

Xbox Series X has 56 CUs clocked at 1700MHz, or 2GHz (depending on which mode is engaged) using some amount of 560GB/s GDDR6 Memory. Performance: 12.2 TFlops

PlayStation 5 has 36 CUs clocked at 800MHz, 911MHz, or 2GHz (depending on which mode is engaged) using an unknown memory format (likely GDDR6 Memory). Performance: 10 TFlops

To explain what happened has happened and why / what this article is, we must first take a deeper look at the alleged PS5 specs.

The leak also suggests a delay for “PlayStation 5 Pro” until June 1st, 2020 as the release date, due to the Coronavirus outbreak slowing down production of electronics, and Sony having to wait until other devices such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, etc. (which are all queued in line by factory order date) and the industry attempts to pivot production out of China and affected areas. Unfortunately, this is a very real possibility and there doesn’t seem to be any short-term solution as researchers are scrambling to complete the work on what they believe could be a viable cure.


With every generation of console wars comes a set of rumors leading up to the launch of the hardware platform, usually turning out to be true or at least containing an all-important kernel of truth to them; identifying the stronger and weaker console hardware respectively.

Last time around, we saw that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were nearly the same in regards to power with Xbox eventually becoming outclassed as the weaker hardware by PS4 due to its use of 8GB DDR3 RAM paired with 32MB of ESRAM. Sony opted for 8GB GDDR5 VRAM shared system-wide which proved to be the more powerful solution.

Of course, the tables turned once again as Microsoft shifted executives around and Phil Spencer produced the Xbox One X with his team of engineers packing 6 TFlops of processing power and 12GB GDDR5 VRAM shared memory. PS4 Pro had only 4.2TFlops of power and still only housed 8GB GDDR5 VRAM which led to the X producing native 4K at 60fps (in some games) while Pro can only do checkerboard 4K and is typically hovering somewhere between 30 – 50 frames per second.

This time around, it looks like the difference will be bigger. So big that we could actually see PlayStation 5 cost $499 while Xbox Series X would run $599 and a cheaper, discless Xbox could drop for $299 with cloud capabilities to keep it relevant after its lower specs cease to be able to run the latest games with ultra settings.

Or, we could see Microsoft take the initial hit to storm the market and release the Xbox Series X at $499 at which point Sony will have to decide whether to release PlayStation 5 at $399 and lose money or compete head to head with their device at $449 or $499.

It could be actually because Microsoft is pricing at $499 with 12TFlops so Sony might have decided to take a loss just like them to stay competitive. It is unlikely since execs at Sony were disagreeing recently, but it could happen. And if they are going to drop it to $449 the customer will probably not see that as a big enough jump so $399 plus an exclusive or two at launch makes a PS5 customer stop considering Xbox Series X a lot quicker… Again this is very unlikely to happen and we are looking at Xbox Series X and PS5 both costing $499 or the chance Xbox could release Series X for $599 and a cheaper $299 version will come out that only does 1080P and has no disc drive (digital games only from the Xbox Store only, with xCloud support built-in as well).

These specs seem legit based on everything we’ve been seeing so far. Digital Foundry has really good tech analysis of PS5 Dev Kits and the chips leading up to PS5’s final spec and launch. This does seem like AMD for sure, with more flexibility than seen in previous consoles, giving PS5 potentially 9.5 – 10.5 TFlops scale of range to perform within depending on the processing tasks given to it at the time.

We will have to remain in waiting to see, but all signs point to these rumors being pretty on the mark thus far, and in any event it is exciting to have consoles which aren’t just mirror images of themselves. We look forward to sharing more info with you as it beomes available. As always, keep it real, keep it gaming!


Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to find out the final specs officially confirmed by Sony themselves as we ramp up for the PlayStation Experience event expected to be livestreamed Thursday March 27, 2020 according to allegedly leaked documents.

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Many people haven’t seemed to notice yet, but the console wars are already starting with the first battle being the price war between Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro which are now both being sold for the same price in USA ($299 USD) showing Microsoft’s willingness to give more raw hardware power for less $.

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[Rumor Source: Unrevealed Insiders via EuroGamer]