Resident Evil 3 Remake casual gameplay livestream, Clock Tower Removed? RE3 Demo on the way (still)

In what hasn’t gone over well, as far as Capcom Livestreams go, today’s Resident Evil 3 Remake broadcast was meant to be a quick look at the environments, character models, and feel of the upcoming game as its recently announced PSN demo is not yet available and FF7 Remake has been dominating the news with its.

Rather than excite fans this harmless episode dubbed ‘Resident StREaming’ in the overlay has instead caused anxiety over the expectation that today’s Capcom livestream would be a Nintendo Direct style news show about the game or at least some new footage paired with the release and/or release date of RE3R Demo. Nonetheless, the gameplay is ‘spoiler free’ and can still be viewed.

Known in Japan as BIOHAZARD RE:3, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was released in 1999 for the Original Sony PlayStation. The game took the fundamentals of the Survival Horror genre its franchise had carved and fashions them together into the ultimate form. The original game featuring a real-time countdown in the final mission, menacing boss battles, a wide variety of enemy types, and choose your adventure aspects has been recreated from the ground up.

Platforms: Steam, PS4, Xbox

Release Date: April 3, 2020


Fans seem to have uncovered an in-game easter egg which was lost on the broadcaster, who admitted they haven’t played much Resident Evil, strange choice if you’d ask me.

The community of our friends over at GamersPrey on YouTube have pointed out that the Clock Tower Commemoration seen during the gameplay stream could indicate that St. Michael’s Clock Tower could have been removed from the game. It’s worth noting that the opposite is also theorized, with some saying this is a monument in the earlier part of the game which marks the Clock Tower being built later in the story.


“Resident Evil: Resistance, developed by NeoBards Entertainment (previously announced as Project Resistance).

This asymmetric online five-person multiplayer game combines both cooperative and competitive dynamics, with the opportunity for players to create their own survival horror experience. Four Survivors must work together to escape an insidious experiment and outsmart the twisted Mastermind behind the scenes.” More Info via Capcom Unity

It’s humbling to think that the Resident Evil series has been honored in such an authentic, high production, and creatively rich way. With Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, the bar has been set very high for 2020’s Resident Evil 3 Remake. We await to see how the game performs across its various platforms, and what fans and newcomers alike have to say about the RE-emergence of RE.