Evolve Review

Evolve. 4 v 1. 4 Hunters vs 1 Monster. Turtle Rock Studios first game since Left 4 Dead 2. Evolve. Hits the world by storm, claiming to be a deep and unique multiplayer experience with you and all your friends hunting down a monster. Now the big question: is the game really worth the full retail price? It is multiplayer-only after all.

The game has little to nothing to offer in terms of an engaging musical score. There’s basically bland generic music playing during menus and loading sequences with nothing too impressive during gameplay either. The game’s sound effects are impressive though, as it has a lot of different creatures, weapons, and weather sequences fleshed out quite well. Each character has different movements and all sound very different and even life like. I felt the voice acting is average beside the fact that there is rarely any voice acting. Hunters giving banter proves pretty annoying though, and is mostly made up of stupid one-liners.

Evolve has good graphics in some areas. The character models for the Hunters and Monsters are pretty detailed. But the trees, other creatures, overall bases, and formations only look good at night time since they are so bland. The game also sometimes does not load right and has this weird shadow effect glitch. I had a few experiences where my Hunter would get stuck in the shadowy objects or my Monster could not climb over them. Besides that the flow of the game is pretty smooth for the most part.

The game is a first person shooter while playing as a Hunter, and third person action game when a Monster. Both forms are vastly different gameplay, and it differs from character to character. The Hunters have four classes; Medic, Trapper, Assault, and Support. The Medic can heal other members, the Trapper traps the monster, the Assault straight up engages the monster, and the Support covers their team mates. The game has 3 Monsters. The Goliath is a hulking beast that breaths fire, jumps really high, and can charge through enemies. The Kraken which can fly, shoot out lighting, and toss its foes, and the Wraith which slithers and can teleport.

The Monsters have to catch prey and eat to Evolve in each game type, while the Hunters’ main goal is of course to kill the beast before it can kill all of them. The game has four modes: Hunt, Defend, Nest, and Rescue. In reality there is not much difference between these 4 game types besides some minor added elements in each one, but the final result is normally just the death of a monster or all hunters. The game has a progression system for the characters, but after you unlock a few and level up a few times it gets really boring. The maps are also terrible, all the same, and with a very odd flow despite the solid gameplay makes up for that. Solo play is also terrible. The A.I. is beyond stupid, if you do not have Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus stay away from this game.

After the useless tutorial the game opens up with a 3 minute cinematic that looks impressive and shows that the colony world is overrun with Monsters. The Hunters are sent to evacuate as many people as possible and fight the Monsters. Basically that is all you’re going to get for the game’s story. There is a mode called Evacuation that is sort of dynamic but just ends up being a rotation between all of the other four game modes. So in reality, Evolve has literally no detailed plot lines or lore whatsoever. Shoot what is front of you, then turn it off when you’re ready for a break.

Replay Ability: Less than Average – Fun with friends, boring by yourself.

Final Verdict:

While Evolve can be fun as a social experience, it’s very repetitive and boring after that. This game could have been, and should have been so much more. But in the modern industry it seems most games are just determined to let us down. I also can not believe this game is being sold for $60 when in reality it should have been a $20 digital download. It even has over $100 of DLC once you boot the game up. Despite all that, the social aspect and the gameplay is good enough to earn “some” points – but we expected more. RealGamerNewz gives Evolve a 2 out of 10.

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Overall Score: 2/ 10
RGN Rating: Game Over Man! (Below Bronze)
Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
Publisher: 2K Games

Available On: PS4 | XO | PC

Played On: Microsoft Xbox One

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

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