PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller revealed w/ haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and built-in mic

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Hideaki Nishino, Senior VP Platform Planning & Management SIE, announced today that the PlayStation 5 will introduce a new line of controllers heavily inspired by the DualShock 4. This new controller technology includes haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and even actuators which seek to give force feedback to a variety of gameplay experiences without sacrificing the sleek design of console controllers.

One of the most highly sought after features of the DualSense will certainly be its ability to give more physical feedback to the player than traditional “rumble” systems which used a few different motors to shake the entire controller. In the new system, we are potentially able to feel and identify the sensation of a car struggling against us as we accelerate through the apex of a turn. Even more commonly, DualSense should allow players to finally feel the pull of a trigger in shooter games online.

Full Features of PS5 DualSense Controller:

  • USB-C Port
  • Built-in Mic (for players who don’t have a headset, or for when a headset is not nearby for the moment)
  • Launches Holiday 2020
  • Haptic Control
  • Adaptive Triggers

Further leaks / rumors suggest that the DualSense controller might even work on the PS4 and that Sony’s recent patents for wireless charging, voice control support, heart rate / sweat sensors could be built into the controller’s design. This is not confirmed at this time and may end up being features that were cut before production finalized, or Sony may just be keeping their announcement as a further trick up their sleeves to help combat Xbox Live Events in the future. As they’ve decided to announce the DualSense today just half an hour before the Inside Xbox April 2020 Event went live.

Sony’s reason given for why they’ve decided to reveal the DualSense to us today does make sense though. According to Jim Ryan, President / CEO SIE, the company has began shipping DualSense controllers to developers. Many will remember how famously the PS5 Dev Kit has been leaking and even though we are still waiting on word from Sony to confirm the final look and design of the console, it is likely they wanted to announce DualSense before any devs had a chance to violate their NDA agreements (non-disclosure) and leak ahead of time to the world.



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