Ubisoft drops Assassins Creed Valhalla Reveal Trailer in 4K w/ 20:40:1 Aspect Ratio

After the heavily reported on “Ragnarok” rumor campaign (was it really a leak, or just good PR?) finally we have the first trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the cinematic 20:40:1 Aspect Ratio. This could be one of the big next-gen games for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as its release window was also announced (Holiday 2020) and Pre-Orders went live.

Update: Assassin’s Creed confirmed for PS5 & XSX and confirmed to support the “Smart Delivery” feature providing a virtual free upgrade to the Xbox Series X version of the game through license transfers, texture packs, and content patches for all purchases on Xbox One or Xbox One X.

Fans have had a positive reaction thus far to the trailer dropped on GamersPrey this morning (straight from Ubisoft) in which the motivation behind a seemingly standalone Assassin’s Creed is laid out. Graphical fidelity, cinematic brilliance, and heart-wrenching plot are provided for consideration. It’s also worth noting that Xbox sponsored the trailer, hinting at an advertising agreement between Ubisoft and Microsoft regarding Valhalla.

Of course, not everyone feels the most recent AC titles belong as part of the franchise. With our Deputy Editor mentioning, “They probably should’ve made a new IP Odyssey and this new AC game are so disconnected from the rest of the series.” This is a similar symptom of franchise fatigue also notably present in the Final Fantasy series which sees purists pitted against the more accepting of the fanbase.

Regardless of whether or not you believe Valhalla to be ‘really an Assassin’s Creed game’ though, this one looks to cash in on the good will the Viking lore has been gaining recently with television shows like Game of Thrones depicting the era in a very entertaining manner. The theme is grim, exciting, and primal.

We are still waiting for more gameplay details to be confirmed about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla but our insiders tell us the game will take place in Great Britain following the events of the real life invasions of the Vikings also known as (the Great Heathen Army) which took place between 793 – 1066 AD. In real life history, the first place that was razed was the monastery at Lindisfarne. So if they do there homework William the conqueror will be in the game.

Players will travel from Scandinavia to Europe’s coastline with over 40 hours of gameplay or even hundreds for completionists. Valhalla’s world map could span as large as twice the size of its predecessor, Odyssey. We are told the game is very ambitious and the development team feels it will be the best AC game ever made based on the direction that was taken in the design stages. Here’s to hoping the DLC schedule will involve Athens, Greece.

Pre-Order Now Available on Epic Games Store (Exclusive)

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