Embrace your passion, Not what’s trending (Real Gamer Podcast)

ST Louis personality DJ Killzown Jones and RGN Chief Jon Ireson picked up the mics again to address the state of the games industry.

This marks the return of Real Gamer Podcast which will be coming to Spotify / iTunes platforms soon, and deep talks from the heart covering certain topics such as current events, E3 2021 and how gaming events can improve, as well as the emerging culture of gamers rushing through good games to keep up with the latest. We hope this reaches those gamers who need it most and welcome all feedback as we start something new and bring back the quality fireside gamer talk we are known for.

Real Gamer Podcast is coming soon to Spotify and iTunes. We appreciate the support. Please feel free to leave your feedback as we continue to improve these new show formats and work through the current work from home situation. RGN is committed to the quality and integrity of our shows. We might not always be the first, but we will always put our passion into the content we produce. That being said, we’re all human. If you feel that we get something wrong go ahead and let us know so we can rectify that and give a shoutout. Until Next Time, Keep It Real and Keep It Gaming. Peace!

Topics Include:

  • 0:00 – Introductions, Backlog, etc.
  • 7:28 – Are Press + Gamers rushing through games now?
  • 16:23 – Being a video games reporter / broadcaster in 2020
  • 37:07 – E3 2020, What it could’ve been, E3 2021, and How gaming events can improve in the future
  • 48:45 – PS5 Event this Thursday, expectations, possible lineup
  • 51:39 – Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 need to come aggressively to make gamers want to upgrade
  • 1:07:03 – New IPs being overshadowed by proven franchises
  • 1:22:10 – Closing Thoughts, Shout Outs
  • Bonus Topics (Ad-Libs)
  • And More!

About the Producer:

Jon Ireson is a happily married American video games journalist currently living in Canada, a registered member of the international press, and technology sales / repair expert with management experience. He is responsible for over 3,000 living online documents including video games and technology articles, videos, and reports. He is the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of RealGamerNewZ which has been operating as an international publication since 2011 and has been viewed over 350K times worldwide (Over 200K in USA and Over 24K in Canada) during the month of May 2020 alone.


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