GC20 Day 1 + PC Gaming Show: Our Highlights and Review

The Guerrilla Collective is hosted by Greg Miller and produced by Media Indie Exchange (The MIX) with Kinda Funny Games Showcase. In this piece we will give our opinions and highlights about the first day of this year’s presentation. We will also provide a Final Verdict for the events and show some of the many games which captured our interest during the PC Gaming Show 2020, Paradox Insider, and KindaFunny Showcase.

Our Highlights of the Show:

Persona 4 Golden for PC – The PlayStation Vita classic has made it to an ultimate platform where it will forever be remembered in its best possible form without the need for romdumps, texture mods, etc. and that is historic. As Sony maintains an interest in the Persona mainline series, the platform holder has been more open to PC Gaming lately with the scheduled release of Horizon Zero Dawn for PC and now the Persona 4 Golden masterpiece heading to PC as well. We are SUPER HYPED.

  • The Outlast Trials (PC Gaming Show) – After some kind of terrible operation is done to you forcing night vision you will be subjected to some of the most horrific nightmare scenes playing out in real life as you try to escape and survive them. The surrealism of this combined with a likelihood for VR Support down the road makes The Outlast Trials an important title to keep on our radar!
  • Baldur’s Gate III (KindaFunny Showcase) – This game is going to enter Early Access on Steam during Late August 2020 (Maybe). Larian explained that the fact the full date was shown at Guerrilla Games rather than PC Gaming Show certainly is saying something. And that is reflected in our Final Verdict and Presentation Score for each event as well.The team has been returning from a work at home position to slowly reintroducing regular workflow and has made “a lot of progress” on the game. If everything goes according to plan and depending on current events, the title should open up soon for players to join.The game keeps changing based on feedback from testers and has already been massively improved and changed behind the scenes in regards to combat. True Early Access is on offer when the title launches for the public soon. Every player will have a say in how the game evolves going forward as well.
  • Bloodlines 2 (Paradox Insider) – At the Paradox Insider the team provided a “Prince’s cut” look at the game including the full breakdown of its Collector’s Edition, (Damsel is back!, Courtney Taylor reprises her role), Anarch vampire hunting and a fully new movement system reveal all helped bolster the show.
  • Escape From Tarkov – To be honest not much was done to celebrate the fact that this event was taking place on part of the developer at Escape From Tarkov. Although the game looks amazing and is very slowly making progress, a few minor announcements made by the dev were not enough. The game is still in Beta and still full price as well, no discount period to celebrate the event at all. Nonetheless, the game is a must-play so if you haven’t heard of it, go check it!

NEW BLOOD INTERACTIVE – This company is on the come up and had a lot of fantastic titles to show. They’ve prepared us this neat little package as well to showcase them all off. Keep an eye on this one, with love, from RealGamerNewZ.

Hello Guest (Shouts out to Hello Neighbor)

Just Die Already (Old ppl mayhem sandbox) – We will all be there one day, so old we just don’t know how we keep on living. This one is for comedy sake, let’s all have a good laugh at our own mortality before we kick the bucket. You owe yourself!

11 Bit Studios: Moonlighter Between Dimensions DLC, Rebuilt for Mobile, Frostpunk the Board Game – We are huge fans of this team and their work. New character and dungeon coming to Children of Morta with Moonlighter being rebuilt from the ground up on Mobile (and it looks good) plus getting Between Dimensions DLC on consoles and platforms at the same time. Frostpunk also is “going offline” with a Kickstarter this Fall 2020 for Frostpunk the Board Game.

Gestalt Steam and Cinder – this is an extremely promising looking side scroller / action title with RPG elements. It resembles a strong influence from Castlevania, but with a very different premise and gameplay experience. Keep an eye out for this Pixel Art beauty!

Fights In Tight Spaces – Mike Bithell’s new single player game looks fantastic.

Empire of Sin is an Al Capone times mafioso simulator that takes place in 1920s Prohibition Chicago. Play as 1 of 14 bosses, “By Breath, Or By Bullet” make things happen for your business. Run a crew, choose from 60 people to join your crew. SRPG battles, top down isometric adventures.

EXO ONE (2020, PC, 2021, CONSOLES) – Run wild in this extremely unique molecule simulator. Wish List on Steam now.

Genesis Noir – Point and Click meets Adventure game. Genesis Noir: A Cosmic Adventure has stick figure style but an evocative, artistic way about itself. There’s definitely more than meets the eye in this one with chances to interact in the astral, abstract, and perhaps even philosophical realms of human mindstate while playing. Symbios between audio and visual is achieved as players manipulate orbits, change the sun, create generational art through their cosmic actions, and run amok in a Manhattan style dreamscape representing our souls’ reflection of reality itself. Oh, and you can apparently destroy the big bang, whatever that means! Keep a lookout. P.S. One of the dev’s totally looks like Riley from TechLinked, so that’s something…

Night Call – More Noir is never a bad thing and that’s what we are getting here with the graphic novel meets crime solving title hitting Xbox and Nintendo Switch on June 24th. There’s not a lot I can say yet from the teaser given but I look forward to playing the title and I have a great feeling on it based on this first impression. It’s just 10 days away! Don’t forget about this one while waiting for the rest of Summer 2020.

Prison Architect: Island Bound allows players to create their very own Alcatraz while also adding to the base game docks, helicopters, ferries, elite ops, air fighter units, new emergency services, new security systems, and free updates to the game adding a prisoner reputations system.

Hearts of Iron IV is another Alternate History game, we love those. This is a Grand Strategy Simulator style of game which will challenge your intellect.

Crusader Kings III features underhanded politics, extremely detailed kingdom simulator coming September 1st.


Mortal Shell




Overall this was a good presentation with plenty of variety and many interesting games that I either did not know about before, or got reminded of with a closer look being offered. There were a few moments in which too much detail was given to certain games which were likely inappropriate for this presentation, albeit awesome in their own way. Behind the scenes dev diary type of content isn’t really conducive to a smooth presentation. The Paradox Interactive segment used real developers and PR teams from the company rather than professional hosts and it showed. On one hand the delivery and speech was sometimes hiccupped by a cringeworthy vibe. On the other hand, at least the hosts did seem intimate and engaged with the content they were promoting. There were so many great games being shown during this show, a couple repeats, and a couple boring moments.



The PC Gaming Show felt like an embarrassment according to most viewers in their live chat. Once again, we felt that the hosts and games featured in the showcase were quite good – but the overall format, flow, and segments chosen for this year’s PC Gaming Show were not respectful of PC Gamers’ time and sometimes seemed to borderline on insulting their intelligence. We seriously hope that the negative feedback received is a wake up call to the PC Gaming Show producers and team and we wish them the absolute best with trimming the fat, bringing the excitement, and impressing us with next year’s presentation. This year’s was barely tolerable!