Future Games Show 2020: Our Highlights and Review

While there is certainly a lot of room for improvement, this presentation did hold some important debuts which weren’t seen anywhere else. We look forward to seeing the continual growth of the Future Games Show but we have pros and cons to discuss regarding the 2020 show including show length and prioritizing titles for optimal flow of the presentation. These are common issues occuring in some presentations this year, as the world adjusts to the work from home situation.

Nolan North and Emily Rose (gaming actors / voice actors) took the screen and impersonated a number of their well known characters before introducing the show. We were shown a number of titles which are primarily next-generation games, some of which were World Premieres and others which were the first time gameplay had been shown for a title. Unfortunately, there were also a few empty announcements of future announcements and blazingly fast sizzle reels showing off great games you can’t remember because it went by too fast. Continue on for our highlights and review of the Future Games Show 2020.

Our Highlights Include:


(June 16, 2020, Xbox, PS4, PC)

Bio integrated robots who have had their human brain transplanted into the robot . DISINTEGRATION. Blends great parts of a first person shooter with real time tactical elements in a brand new way with gameplay mechanics unlike what we commonly see. The story is set 150 years from now in a time where Humanity is struggling to survive and one means of survival is planting their human brains into robotic armor. 5v5 each with your own crew in an incredible battle. Multiplayer matches with different game modes. In order for the player to really have success in DISINTEGRATION they have to consider both equation points the weaponry the ground squad you control tactically and they work in tandem together. DISINTEGRATION JUNE 16TH ON PS4 STEAM AND XBOX. Devs: (Private Division)


(2020, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC)

Alternate History is one of my favorites. What would have happened if World War II did not end? Find out in PARADISE LOST by a dev studio called POLYAMOROUS… The second world war doesn’t end in 1945 in this game. Instead history takes a different route. In the spring of 1960 the Nazi Regime is on its knees and the Russian invasion has come for them. Without warning the German Nazi regime uses the full might of their Nuclear arsenal against their own homeland and most of Eastern Europe. Uninhabitable Nuclear Wasteland. Secrets hidden deep underground. Third Reich. ARC Network. Explore hidden self sustainable heavily fortified bunkers meant to shelter a nazi elite. For reasons unknown one of the bunkers near Poland goes dark. Now discover the past and craft the present. Playing as a 12 year old boy driven by tragedy to seek out the bunker, What will he discover? Adventure the last story on earth. All In! Games. PC PS5 and Xbox Series X.


(2020, Xbox, PS4, PC, Switch)

ROGUE COMPANY – free to play, cross play shooter in the later stages of map refinement before release. Various modes. Handheld on Switch at 60fps with crossplay. PS4, XBOX, PC, SWITCH. ALPHA Coming Soon (go to RogueCompany.com  or Epic Games Store for more and keep a look out for First Watch Games working with Hi Rez Studios on the future of cross-progression, cross-save, and cross-play.


(Early 2021, PS5, PS4)

The show opened with a PS5 World Premiere Gameplay Reveal for the sci-fi, mysterious first person shooter / action adventure QUANTUM ERROR. The brief but ominous glimpse into the upcoming title was intense. TeamKill Media says they make games for gamers, by gamers. Quantum-Error.com for more info.


(2020, Xbox, PS4, PC, Switch)

World premiere; incredible pixel art game with classic diablo-style inventory, action gameplay, guns, swords, detailed horrors of enemies, and bosses. MORBID: THE SEVEN ACOLYTES releases for multiple platforms this year, 2020.


(August 25, 2020, Xbox, PS4, PC, Switch)

DEVELOPED BY STORMIND GAMES THIS SUMMER a terrifying experience is in store for any who dare to enter this game’s suspenseful and mysterious darkness of this game. Investigate with new powers, do whatever it takes, to stay alive. REMOTHERED BROKEN PORCELAIN new trailer with gameplay AUGUST 25, 2020 for Xbox, PC, Switch, PS4. Pre-Order Now Available and Wish List on Steam Available.


(2020, PC, 2021, Consoles)

Frogware’s community manager spoke about truly open world detective game in an exclusive look at SHERLOCK HOLMES CHAPTER 1. From the 80 person Ukraine Studio, a glimpse into the mind and world of the 21 yr old Sherlock before he becomes the legend we all know. An aspiring detective trying to prove himself on a small mediterranean island before he went back to England. Minimum hand holding. Global investigation gameplay a new concept. Numerous detective mechanics which allow your world to be involved with. Involve random people on the streets or even accuse citizens. Wear the right clothing to change their reactions, and more. PC version is releasing this year with consoles some time in 2021.


(September 2020, Xbox, PS4, PC, Switch)

From the makers of the flying WWII sim, Bomber Crew, comes a sequel set into the future in a time where mankind has become sick of UFOs and Aliens messing up their vacationing on Earth, in orbit, and in space. Curve Digital and Runner Duck present, SPACE CREW!!! —- Lead a space crew run a space station and defend humans from UFO Aliens in SPACE CREW coming September 2020 to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC for just $19.99 USD.


(2020, PC)

Thunderbox entertainment presents, THE CAPTAIN IS DEAD a space game with board game tabletop inspirations and alien invasions on your ship in the far future. Steam wishlist available, this digital board game launches on Steam in 2020


(August 28, 2020, Xbox, PS4, PC)

Wasteland 3 releases August 28 on Xbox, PC, and PS4 from inXile Entertainment. It’s a top down open world exploration game with well defined tactical RPG battle system. From the creators of the Fallout series and the realtors of the Fallout fanbase, Wasteland 3 releases on Xbox One, PS4, Windows, Mac, and Linux August 28, 2020.


(Available Now on Steam Early Access)

Main Assembly; create huge open worlds, racing, freeform crafting, make your own 3d objects, airplanes, drones, cities, mining machines, agriculture, programming logic, collaborating online, sharing roller coasters, jet planes, and more produced by BAD YOLK + TEAM 17 out now on Steam Early Access.


(July 28, Xbox, PS4, PC, Switch)

Early access since 2018 with 90% positive, new easy day academy high school level in skateboarding sim SKATER XL Easy day studios produces Skater XL which allows you full control to really freestyle your moves instead of just entering pre-scripted codes. The game launches July 28, 2020 for Xbox, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


(Private Beta Signups Coming Soon, PC)

Blankos: Block Party – was also featured in pc gaming show, it’s a SOCIAL MMO concept with extremely interesting level editor, mini-games, user generated content, and daily challenges that looks awesome. We can’t wait to try out the beta!


(Now Available on Steam)

Nomadic survival MMO with complex wooden machines play against each other and interact with a player driven economy. Volcanic area has been added to the game. LAST OASIS OUT NOW ON STEAM. You’ve got to take a look at this one, it’s crazy.


  • Be a professional crime scene cleaner in SERIAL CLEANER. (2021)
  • Operation Tango (2021); the spy game was shown off and looks to have a ton of promise. They said it was a world premiere but I swear I’ve seen it before.
  • World Exclusive Premiere of Indie project Red Thread Games developed title. Takes place “Somewhere in America” with robots are driving an RV mixed with bus. Suddenly some military robots and helicopter are seen on the road. “A game about hope, friendship, love, music, family, road trips, robots, civil war, migration, redemption, and the power. Dustborn will hit PC and Consoles and can be put on your Steam wishlist today. It’s a Story drive action adventure about misfits on a road trip across America. Consequences for actions and choices made in the game. Telekinesis powers and revolution against robotic authorities.
  • Ghost Runner (2020) – exclusive trailer – fast paced cybernetic Xbox, PS4, Switch, 3D Realms
  • 1930s game from Xbox event – Call of the Sea – exclusive new look at the game was provided by devs Out of the Blue + Raw Fury for Xbox. The game is a narrative driven puzzle game with an adventure and expedition segment as main character searches out their lost partner on a strange island. Inspired visually and lore-wise by HP Lovecraft but not a horror title. (Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows platforms Coming Soon)
  • Modus gameplay, Dreams Unincorporated + Syck present for the PS4 and Xbox Series X, CrisTales a modern tribute to the legacy of JRPGS. Rewrite the future all in real time on one screen see the impact of your choices instantly. Next gen and current demo Out Now. (Full Release November 2020)
  • WAKING (exclusive) players are in a COMA and DREAM. Your only weapons your treasured memories and the people you love strange nightmare bosses and some potential for philosophy. (June 18, Xbox, Steam)
  • MAID OF SKER; Victorian adventure by Wales Interactive Maid of Stair exclusive gameplay footage. Scarier than clowns. First person survival horror game inspired by welsh gothic and british horror . the tale of Elizabeth Williams driven by supernatural, horror, family slavery, and more. Survival mechanics tools and every noise you make or even breathing heavily can result in death. Sound based weapon available with limited ammo hidden throughout the island find puzzle pieces story pieces 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Unnecessary segments like a bunch of developers talking very vaguely about next gen hardware, even though this is not a console platform holder presentation. Another was developers talking about cross-play in current games and showing older games on-screen. I get what they were going for, but it just doesn’t fit in with the theme of a Future Games Show! Teasers like Square Enix saying “I’ll tell you more about Outriders, but next month”
  • Werewolf The Apocalypse Heart of the Forest provided an absolute joke of a teaser with a wolf snarling and a black screen showing a logo. Then we are told an announcement will come in July. Wow, one of the examples of unfortunate moments during this presentation which brought the mood down a bit.



Why bother to give a game only a few seconds ? Some of the sizzle trailer games looked better than the games which were given a longer amount of time, while other games included in the sizzle trailer are just random titles with nothing new shown. That’s a strike on points for this show as a whole. The next strike is that they were showing titles in their opening and closing sizzle reels which were not even featured in the game. Overall, this event was far too long and even though it had a bunch of good games in it, they were buried in mediocre moments so players will have a hard time noticing. The hosts were great, most of the games shown were good, it’s just the presentation style which needs upgrading. We look forward to seeing the next Future Games Show and hope for their outlined growth.