EA Play Live 2020: Real Gamer Review, Plus $199 xCloud Console (Rumor)

This Story Featured in RGN Today #7:

Android Wilson, CEO Electronic Arts, took screen to kick off the EA Play Live 2020 digital reveal event which will serve as a partial replacement for the brand’s E3 presence, as the industry adapts to various changes on how presentations can be shared online – directly to the fans. Before we get into the gaming, the CEO speaks about current events and extends love and support to the medical community frontline support workers in the field. The developers who work at EA Games are also thanked, and Work From Home seems to be in place still for the various studios.

Greg Miller of Kinda Funny (and former brand icon of IGN) took screen next to discuss how EA Play Live 2020 was planned with an all-digital track in mind. The production quality looks good, Greg looks well dressed and healthy, not on a terrible webcam but recorded in high resolution and with plenty of natural vibes and jokes as well as free game giveaways for the live viewers.

The entire length of the event is 45 minutes and out of that time the following WOW moments happened;

Star Wars Squadrons – focused on the pilot experience of the Star Wars universe. Customize your ships, become an ACE pilot and perform in dogfights online or in single player. The title takes place after Return of the Jedi and provides a dual perspective similar to Halo 2. Missions will alternate between two pilots the player creates who are at opposite sides of the political situation. Online Competitive Space Battles are also in full throttle. Crossplay is available with VR support as well. Star Wars Squadron releases October 2, 2020 and gameplay was revealed by Greg Miller and EA Motive during the event.

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor – The developer who was on-screen to talk about the new legend Loba, King’s Canyon map changes, and the ranked series / quality of life updates also discussed LOST TREASURES the latest in-game event for Apex Legends. Robotics meets Voodoo spiritual as enemies and secret treasure tempt the player with a brand new risk / reward Collection Event starting this Tuesday, June 23, 2020 including a new game mode Armed & Dangerous – Evolved (but now with respawn beacons moved all over the map and a new Mobile Respawn Beacon item at the start of inventory when each map begins). Apex Legends is also coming to Steam and will feature Cross-Play in Fall 2020 for PS4, Xbox, Steam, Origin, and Nintendo Switch when it drops on the handheld console!

COMMAND AND CONQUER REMASTERED – Full 4K Resolution rebuilt multiplayer with modern restored music, map editor, advanced AI, and a lot more. Fans, reviewers, and hardcore classic gamers alike have been calling this one a hit, we will be taking our own look at it soon on the channel as well. I am a die hard fan of the Red Alert series, so this remaster gives me big hopes!

JOSEF FARES film director and game developer who praised EA on-stage years ago with the famous quote, “F the Oscars”, brings out a new game as part of the EA Originals program for indie game developers who are funded by EA and get to keep 100% of the revenue they make back on the title. It’s absolutely fantastic that EA is keeping this program alive and continuing to promote video games as art while they explore the talent pools hidden in the indie gem gaming space. His next game is IT TAKES TWO is coming 2021 and takes an alternate, abstract game with new mechanics and a focus on co-op. You’ve got to see this one to get what I mean.

Other announcements included:

  • The Sims – Inclusivity giving hope to all different kinds of people who can be more comfortable with themselves through playing the game.
  • The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle
  • Lost In Random by Zoink Games (EA Originals) – A world run by dice and the curse of random having an overlord role in society and life. Third person action, exploration, realtime combat, and a great art theme with likely many puzzles hidden throughout.
  • Rocket Arena – Rockets only shooter by Final Strike Games. Third person shooter with focus on competitive online multiplayer 3 versus 3 matches. If you’ve played Quake 3 Arena as much as me, you’ll probably boot this up at least once or twice! Every character has 100 levels of progression with free costumes and rewards. The game launches July 14, 2020 and a Season One full of additional content (both Free and Blast Pass paid) coming July 28, 2020. The title supports cross-play day one and will be available on PS4, Xbox, Origin, and Steam.
  • Next Gen teaser showed technology, engine demos, and tech examples but did not confirm next-generation games by name. Only prototype footage was shown thus far, but it looks like EA Motive has also taken the Anthem engine to create something third person with telekenesis, shooting, and air gliding.





The announcements EA Games didn’t have spoke louder for most gamers than the ones they did have. It is a step in the right direction that games with a single player focus are being developed, and well balanced multiplayer games promised. But EA has a lot to prove and a long way to go to regain gamers’ trust. They’ve just scored an average grade and a lot of room for improvement remains for Vince Zampella to reign in the horns of EA Games.

A Great Command and Conquer Remaster and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order a strong single player title with no micro-transactions could be a sign of great things to come. AAA Publishers are realizing that making great titles for a higher upfront cost can still be lucrative even in the age of free or cheap titles with in-game purchase overload.

What we expect now from EA Games is definitely a revival of the Battlefield series, perhaps Bad Company 3 could provide such an opportunity. With Vince Zampella able to provide the vision and support needed to deliver the goods, that seems like a real possibility.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond the VR title is heading to Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, and Steam VR with a crazy virtual World War II project that could very well blow our minds. We should’ve been shown more on that.

Rumor has it that Vince Zampella is working with EA Games to create a new Call of Duty competitor and putting the Titanfall series on hold for the moment. EA should address this rumor by either announcing a Titanfall 3 game or stating that they are not working on the franchise at this time. Come on Vince, we are ready for your next invention. Don’t forget people, this is the creator of the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor franchises.