Will PlayStation 5 Games REALLY Cost $69.99 USD Each? Xbox 20/20 July Event: over 60 new game demos (Real Gamer Podcast)

Every year at E3 the press gets to play new game demos and tell the world about what they saw, felt, and heard. Since E3 is cancelled entirely this year, Summer Game Fest 2020 has made a huge effort with others including Xbox 20/20 Event planners to coordinate the release over over 60 brand new game demos for the Xbox platform to debut during their July event. This has been announced as a July 21 – 27 time frame which most expect is the availability of the demos, and that July 23rd will be the date which the Xbox Series X (and maybe S) presentation itself takes place on. It remains unclear if these will be the perfectly polished demos the industry usually releases or if they’ll be the rough, work-in-progress demos that the press usually gets to see behind closed doors at big international events like E3.

Other topics in today’s show include the cost of games during the PlayStation 5 era, Nintendo’s recent statements to the Press, Spy Thriller (Untitled New IP), the Xbox Game Pass / xCloud strategy to be the 2nd or 3rd gaming platform in your house, PS5 handheld device rumors, details about upcoming games, and more! RGN Chief Jon Iro is joined today by Jason Haywood from RGN Reviews writing team.

Topics Include:

  • COD 2020 and NBA 2K21 reportedly cost $69.99 USD on PS5 / XSX in USA
  • This could mark a major change for the standard of AAA games with budgets ranging 20 – 150 million dollars or more, and doesn’t necessarily mean an end to micro tx and season pass.
  • However, it could improve and reduce in game purchase for smaller to medium games, and games with an overall creative vision that doesn’t have a publisher forcing compromises.
  • Xbox Series X / PlayStation 5 Marketing Campaign from Jason’s perspective and Jon’s perspective as well as some examples of potential customer demographics.

Main Topic:

  • Xbox 20/20 July Event will include over 60 “press style” game demos Available on Xbox One and Xbox One X on July 21st – 27th, and expected to make their livestream announcements including Halo Infinite gameplay, new games, and possibly Xbox Series S, the all-digital, xCloud compatible, low storage, lower spec (but still high in some ways), and low cost unit which will make the Xbox One X redundant for players willing to go with xCloud.
  • Xbox Game Pass and xCloud do make it way more accessible for players with a limited budget and who already own or plan on owning PlayStation and Nintendo hardware as well. This allows Microsoft to compete even when their customer doesn’t want to go all-in on a second or third game console in the household for that generation, etc.
  • We will probably see Sony try to make moves toward the cloud space now that they are paying Microsoft to produce PlayStation NOW servers on the Azure platform. Perhaps mid-gen or next gen, or even on a third attempt at the portable / gaming handheld scene.

Bonus Topics:

  • Spy Thriller (Untitled New IP) rumored from The Initiative
  • We did have rumors about a PlayStation 5 Remote Play device which acts as a separately sold companion device for the PS5 and allows full PS Now cloud support as well. It might not be a console in its own right, or maybe it would be, we don’t know that much yet, hopefully it’s not cancelled, it could really be exciting for the gaming market to see such a variety of consoles released this gen.

About the Producer:

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